lea, richard and sezer nominated in bbuk

the noms have been revealed. in bbuk, lea, richard and sezer have been nominated for eviction this week. richard was the most unpopulare housemate getting 4 votes, lea and sezer got 3. grace, imogen and lisa had one nomination. glyn, mikey, nikki and pete did not receive any votes. before the vote, imogen and sleazer talked about the noms. for this breaking of the rules, they were disqualified from nominating this week. this is a most grevious tactical error by sezer, the self declared player of the bbuk house. although, they would have to have nominated lisa or grace for it to make any difference. if they could have retained their vote, probably richard and lea would have ended with another nomination. that would not have changed anything. if both had voted for lisa and grace, there would be five people up for nomination, instead of 3. 

here is what the housemates had to say about eachother in the diary room.


grace: "she does talk about herself a lot…talks about england and harrods and her job."

richard: "he keeps calling me glen – i tell him ‘please call me glyn’. i find it quite rude not to know someone’s name."


lea: "i feel she’s being really two-faced…talking about people behind their backs…trying to sway their vote."

richard: "nothing about him is sincere…i feel uncomfortable around him…he’s a bullshitter basically."


sezer: "he winds me up… he makes my blood boil in the way he is with other people. he thinks women are just easy and he can just pull whoever he wants."

lisa: "[our argument] was a situation she has created… I tried to save face for the girl."


lea: "i think she is an attention seeker."

richard: "one minute he can be really friendly to me, and the next he can be really off-hand."


richard: "i’ve noticed a change in Richard’s behaviour over the past few days… he might feel threatened because we have got more in common with each other than with him."

lisa: "a lot of the time she’s really inconsiderate, especially with her smoking."


lea: "why come on big brother? what a stupid thing to do! dont come on bb if you give a shit about what people think."

grace: "she enjoys talking about herself most of the time, most of the day and most of the night. everything i say, she’s already done it. i feel she controls the house, the cooking, always decides what we are doing, what we are eating, what we are drinking, always pouring the alcohol."


imogen: "last night I got really upset when aisleyne and sam came in. she was just staring and sneering in this little group with sezer. she didn’t make any effort to get to know her or aisleyne… she’s very closed off. if people are different she doesn’t really talk to them."

sezer: "i always hear him talking about sex… his sexist comments are getting tedious… I’ve got nothing to say to him, he’s got nothing to say to me…I don’t like the way he treats women."


imogen: "i think I’ve tried to get to know everyone in this house but i’ve had some issues with her over the past couple of days. she’s incredibly disingenuous, transparent, false, she’s constantly giving me evil looks and when i speak, contorts her face, a face that looks like the back end of a cat’s ass."

sezer: "imogen and him together are becoming a very negative force in the house. i find his references towards women are far too much… his complete vulgarity towards women which I don’t tolerate at all."

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