indie music to the rescue!

for those of you that haven't heard about indie pop, well stick around. indie is just a broad category of independent music releases from non mainstream music bands. there is a lot of good stuff out there. i used to listen almost exclusively to electronic music. being a club and rave dj, part time that is, you get very focused into your music genres, and its very hard to get out of them. to me, being a dj was like being in a fulcrum. there was so much stuff to keep informed about, such as new releases on vinyl and cd, that i just didnt want to check out the rest of the music scene. i still kept in touch with the releases of my favorite 80s bands.

one good thing about having hard drive problems, is that you have to recover you music collection. to be honest, I have 1200 cds, 600 vinyls and 200dvs. but nowadays, i listen almost exclusively to mp3s. even if I do have the cd, i will normally prefer to encode or download the music. its so much more efficient working with media files than with cds, which only have the tunes of one band on them most of the time. so back in november, i had not one but two subsequent hard drive crashes on two different hard drives. i had some backups, but you know as well as I do that backups are never uptodate, unless you are in raid or you back them up every week. i had full backups of all my mp3s, however, i decided to just redownload the stuff that i was listening to. for example, before i had the complete collection of david bowie, as well as all of metallica, pantera and the beastie boys. trouble is, i dont listen to them that much really. But i digress.

so how did I get into indie. i don't listen to any pop radio, don't really believe in satellite radio and don't listen to radio stations online. i do listen to cbc radio. ever since i started djing and having my own radio show, i just wanted to hear other people talk on radio, people who had intelligent stuff to say. which is why i listened to cbc. i got news on the hour every hour and some good programming. also, for some reason, i got interesting bands. the postal service, pony up!, feist and others. others i got from different sources on the web, from tv. i discovered the sounds by watching a csi Miami episode called free fall. for some reason, i don't really like csi miami. david caruso – he was better in nypd blue. but i still watch it every week. csi miami has a really good musical production team. they come up with very interesting artists, such as the sounds and Metric. also, once you have discovered a band, it is really easy to find similar bands by using online radio channel services, such as last fm and yahoo launchcast.

A good way to stay informed is combing through indie music blogs and pitchfork media. wikipedia has good articles and band suggestions on indie music and most of its subgenres.

here are some of my suggestions:
camera obscura – let's get out of this country
pony up! – make love to the judges with your eyes
the sounds – dying to say this to you
ladytron – witching hour
magneta lane – dancing with daggers
the pippettes – we are the pippettes
metric – live it out
feist – open seasons

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

2 thoughts on “indie music to the rescue!”

  1. hd crashes are bad. i discovered data mining because of them. i had a real scare about one of my usb hds this week. it had a pagefile error. i was thinking that i had lost all my personal data again. but, it was ok. its safe to say that yesterday, i backed the whole hd on dvds and made a mirror copy of all my files on another hd.

    also, one of the hds that had crashed last november was still on warranty. they sent me a new one free of charge. but guess what. that same disc has problems now. thats 160gb that i cant use. ill have to send it back again. i also got 2 400 gb hds with a adaptec raid controller. trouble is, the hds arent compatible with that type of card. i got that after i had bought them. they are still sitting on my desk unused, i have had them since… (guess when?) november!

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