Nightshoot in St-Henri, Montreal, Quebec or my dog is a NintenDog, is yours?


Right, so I just walked my dog Spike. He's doing well, sleeping the walk off. I took my camera with me and took some photos during the night. I have some interesting results, probably from exploring the flickrverse tonight. It's friday night, my wife is dead tired and sleeping (she gets up at 05:45 every morning to teach). My dog is sleeping, and I'm not near sleeping right now.

I have a few more posts to write, including blogtipping for this week. I noticed that Char didn't do it yet either. I'm just waiting for Big Brother Uk eviction night and Friday Night Live from Big Brother Australia. I'll probably start watching a few episodes of The Sweeney. The Sweeney is this cool copper show from the 70s. I think I got into it because of Life on Mars, a recent series about an '06 cop who has an accident and wakes up in the 70s. They are actually shooting the 2nd series for Life On Mars as we speak.

So the night shoot photos have just loaded, I'll see the results in a few seconds. From what I could see on the small LCD screen, I got some good results. I still have a another 50 photos that are good from my walk on Wednesday with JSD. I have some cool pics from the Concordia Visual Arts building on Guy and Ste-Catherine's.

Now this is a great blog to find interesting landscape pictures on flickr. The most amazing vistas. There are some incredible photogaphers out there. A good portion of those use flickr. I get some of my inspiratio by browsing photos on flickr and trying out new stuff.

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

7 thoughts on “Nightshoot in St-Henri, Montreal, Quebec or my dog is a NintenDog, is yours?”

  1. Well, looks like I’m having some trouble with one of my HDs. Naturally, it’s an USB HD, and it has all my latest pics. Of course, since I’ve become an expert, I actually have 2 backups running. But not of the latest stuff. I’m pretty sure it’s just a pagefile error and that will be arranged when I reboot.

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