Watch out for robots or how everybody wants to have money

Dandelion in the sky, stories in my head and insults on my tongue. Doesn’t get any better than this! In this post, I cover robots, some Big Brother, stories, tea, Battle Royale, web 3.0, digg, Apple, wealth, money, friends and more!

It looks like my appreciation of robots is getting exposure pretty much everywhere. I’m not surprised. Robots will kill us all at some point.


Even on Rocketboom, look at this Monday’s Vlog. Robot masters watch out. For once, I beat Amanda Congdon silly!


I found this yesterday navigating on the new digg. Watch this video, for best results watch the video full screen. This will induce optical hallucinations for a few seconds after having watched it.



One of my favorite asian movies is available complete on YouTube. “Beat” Kitano plays in it and it’s a rocker.


Battle Royale movie on YouTube in a playlist.


Semantic web or web 3.0, the next iteration in web technologies discussed.

There is a new version of digg with diggs and buries, as well as more categories. There are some improvements over the old version. I encourage everyone to bury those lame-asses who keep bringing Apple news to the front page. Not that I despise Apple in any way sort of form, however I do not like the fact that some “power” users are responsible for so much content on the main page. If enough people act together and get quality content to the front pages, well then those “power” users will just be equalized with all the rest of us.


I actually appreciate the design efforts of Apple. However, since most of their main revenue now-a-days comes from Ipod and Itunes, I wonder how long they can maintain their bottom line when competition heats up in the MP3 and online music store markets.


Why is everything always about money? And why do some bloggers get their panties tied in a knot, so to say, when I suggest or try to suggest to make income off their blogs? The modern world revolves around money. It’s a basic necessity to realize this.


If there are opportunities to get out of the rat race of life, what would you do? I would manage some of my clients, stop getting new ones, maybe get another degree, indulge more in writing and photography and travel a lot with my wife and my dog. At least some artists get grants from the government, but we all know that is never enough. I actually applaud all those bloggers being able to make a living off their blogs. From Amanda Congdon, to ZeFrank, to Darren from Problogger, to Chartreuse and a whole lot more, I envy some of their freedom that comes with this market. As well as the independence that comes with that.


Independently wealthy, I wouldn’t mind that at all. Living off the interest of my investments, that would be neat.


I would probably go to Thailand with JS for a few months to start off. Work on some projects that I have put aside for a few years.


Mr Angry’s blog is #1 in growing blogs and #8 in top blogs. Congrats!


I guess I enjoyed watching Big Brother’s Big Brain yesterday. They were taking about memes and how viral their nature was. For example, one of the worst memes in the Big Brother UK house right now is the expression babes. I can’t stand it. And I can’t stand Aisleyne. She latched onto Pete to further herself. Well, actually all the girls except Imogen are fancying Pete and he doesn’t know what to do about all this female attention. The most problematic is Lea, she tries to manipulate him, tries to keep him away from other girls and just plain toys with his head. The secret house with the new housemates is still on for this week. It will probably get a lot more exciting, since most of the boys are out and the girls are bitching away.


For those of you who haven’t checked out my short fiction, they are available through a static page. Right now, I am writing part IV of Galactic Rim, a short science-fiction piece on Fleet Major Bobby Birondeau and a strange encounter on the galactic fringe of the Milky Way. I have been influenced by most of my favorite science-fiction writers, from Neal Stephenson, Neil Gaiman, Alastair Reynolds, Dan Simmons, Frank Herbert and Isaac Asimov. Right now, I plan on rereading Revelation Space, Pushing Ice and a few others by Alastair Reynolds and Ilium, Olympos by Dan Simmons.


I really enjoyed the Grand Prix. I enquired about the price for the tickets and wasn’t surprised to learn that for the three days, the tickets were C800$ for each person. Now that’s more than my car payment. Two people and that would have been more than my mortgage payment.


This is my favorite way of preparing my tea. I don’t drink too much coffee. Over the years, I’ve grown to like coffee a lot. However, the diuretic effect hits me pretty quickly and this does not happen at all with tea. In recent months, I have upped my tea intake from one cup a day to two to four a day. I also add some other teas to the morning tea, including Earl Grey and Green Tea.


1) I take two teabags of Orange Pekoe from Lipton. I know that Twinnings is probably a lot better than Lipton, however I got used to the taste of Lipton at a young age, so I stick with it.

2) Add filtrated water and put the cup for two minutes in the microwave.

3) Add milk. I use fatty milk, 3.25% homogenized. I can’t stand the 1% or 0% that my wife buys. It tastes like water to me.

4) Add sugar if needed.


This process gets rid of the problem of the skin on the milk. If you make tea the traditional Indian way, you boil water, add tea and add milk, you always get a yucky skin of milk that you have to blow away. This way, the milk is added cold to boiling tea from the microwave, so it has no chance of forming a skin.



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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

6 thoughts on “Watch out for robots or how everybody wants to have money”

  1. Ahhh — another tea addict.

    I’ve been drinking a lot of chinese green and oolongs — straight up. I’ve never developed a taste for mild and sugar in my tea (other than the occasional cup of chai).

  2. Well milk and sugar go hand in hand with Indian teas. I do enjoy some fresh mint teas without any additives. However, my morning tea is tinged with Indian heritage. Or so I would like to believe.

  3. Well, it’s a follow-up on my other post on robots. I mention that Rocketboom and a few other sites are talking about robots. I talk about money and blogging in this post.

    And the title did get you to my blog, didn’t it? That is the purpose of good titles, to generate interest. Just peruse the post and your question will be answered.

    Cheers and welcome to The Memoirs.

  4. My morning drink is, always will be, coffee. After midday… ahh… that’s another matter. I had to give up coffee in the afternoon when it started affecting my sleep, next day demeanour and my complexion. Right now, my brew of choice, a cup of organic Earl Grey with a splash of milk is close at hand.

    What would I do if I had an opportunity to get out of the rat race? If I had enough resources to sustain whatever lifestyle I chose, if I didn’t have to worry where the next buck was coming from… travel, write about my travel, take classes in nothing specific but everything in general, cook for others, create, learn to live again…

  5. “Learn to live again.”

    My point exactly. Money should be out of the equation, but it is always an intrinsic part of it.

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