Does digg suck or how Marc Fawzi dissects the new digg

In the still of the night

Looks like I stirred up some controversy with my rant on Warren Buffet and his billion dollar giveaway. I correct the atmosphere with this post, Buffet giving away money to charity is good. Bill Gates is bad. So there. Read on for some Big Brother, some photos, some tv reviews, some movie reviews and as usual, a lot of gorgeous photos.

The photo just above was taken in Lagos, intitled In The Still Of The Night. If you want to learn more about the photos featured in my posts, simply click on them and you will see the photographers flickr sites.

Marc Fawzi dissects the new digg and implies, like many believe, that digg is no longer relevant. His post includes a great analysis on digg with an interesting example. His blog is an example of the problems with digg. Some of his posts critical of digg were buried. He suspects that someone on staff at digg is doing this, meaning that digg is actually censored in some way or form, since there are a lot of stories buried that were critical of digg. Do you love digg or hate it? Evolving trends is a great read I find, with complex analysis and discussions on Web 2.0 and the future of Web 3.0


I just finished watching Nacho Libre, it was somewhat funny. I think that the Korean movie The Foul King was a lot better. It looks like Jack Black either saw this movie or the screenwriter did and tried to Americanized it. Or Mexicanize it, since Nacho Libre is about Mexican wrestlers.


Trash bird

The movie I want to see this week is Superman. Probably tomorrow I’ll get it. I’ll give it a full review, just like the last X-men. I’m expecting something better though, somewhat better than Batman Begins. With a total price tag of close to 300 million, the special effects should be quite spectacular.


Trash bird 2

I’m not too sure about the new Blade series on Spike TV. I guess it’s something different for the summer and we all know that there aren’t that many fresh shows for the summer. Well, I noticed that there were a few interesting women (read hot birds, had to be because this is Spike TV) in this series, I’m not sure about the rapper playing Blade. Wesley Snipes was at his best in Blade 2. This new guy is a bit boring. Why do all the bad guys have European accents? I still remember that great scene in Blade one with Traci Lords and the remix of the New Order song. Man the lead actor is really bad. He sucks a lot of ass.


Fun with motion photography.


So maybe I was a bit harsh in my last post. Please remember I was playing devil’s advocate. In resume,


Charity = Good

Bill Gates = Bad

Microsoft = Bad

Buffet giving away money = Great


That should clear that up. I just don’t like Gates and M$. It’s the IT worker in me, who still despises him. Not that he has done anything to me personally, but I still get to feel the way I do. Because of that post, I actually made into Chartreuse’s daily remix of Thursday. As I read somewhere, there is no bad publicity.



This is an interesting photoblog from a German girl from Düsseldorf. She has a cute sister and takes a lot of pictures. She isn’t half bad herself. Photo underneath is by her as well.


Paris intersection by Mareen

I’m not sure what they are doing with Big Brother Australia. I’ve heard that the ratings are down and that the producers will cut the length of the show down. Last night’s Housemates On Trial was a dull sham. Nothing good came out of it honestly, it was pretty boring to watch too.




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