How hot is it or the Friday afternoon quotation post

Interesting photo from keysofvirtue, I like the contrast between the orange, the greens of the lawn and the blue of the sky. In this post, it’s some quotes from me and others, some Big Brother, some authors, some science-fiction, some writing, blogging, widgets and more!

Centrebet is predicting that Gaelan will be the next evictee on Big Brother Australia. Looks right, since he is the Under The Radar candidate that has never been up for eviction or has never been nominated before. I am pretty sure that he’s a goner.


As much as Nikki is annoying, she is the most entertaining housemate on BBUK. Pete is the other really entertaining one, but Nikki’s tantrums and diary room excerpts are all instant classics. Who doesn’t remember the “I’m so cold” rant or “the air con is in my ear”. Or the famous “who is she” rant about Susie all delivered in classic Nikki style. Of all the housemates she will probably get the furthest, with Pete. She will probably have a laugh learning that Posh Grace posed for Nuts Magazine, a mag that Grace put down whilst talking with Nikki.


Chicago skyline

Lea is a piece of work. She is a total attention whore. I have never liked the pornstar. What sort of reaction did she expect in the BBUK house. However, the housemates did accept her. But then she got all paranoid when Pete rejected her overt attempts to shag him and found he had changed because of her admission that she fancied him. Of course he changed, he was afraid of her, of the big oilies smothering him to death. She babies Pete like he is a 4 year old not a 24 year old, constant cuddles, kisses and hugs. And then gets all paranoid when he talks with Aisleyne.


I wouldn’t mind seeing a WordPress plugin for photoblogs linked with your photos in your flickr account. That would be cool. A photoblog enables you to see a random photo from your photos. However, an interesting twist on this would be that your flickr account would be the source of the photos and then when you clicked on the image, another random one would be shone.


I think that blogging is like therapy for some people. I know that I don’t really blog about my day to day life, but there are a lot of people out there who do. That doesn’t mean that the events of my day don’t influence the way I blog, of course it does. I guess readers will eventually see through my writing. I do enjoy blogging a lot. I used to write copious amounts of pages before. I find that people loose themselves quite easily in careers and material needs. I do know some people who are very happy with what they do for work.


I would like to see some blogs from mental patients, especially schizophrenic patients. Now that would be an interesting read.


How do I write my posts?

I thought I’d give a detailed way of how I write my posts, since they are sometimes longer than normal and swerve around like my thoughts.


1) I always start by opening up a blank M$ Word document. This is just my basic word processor that I use everyday, even if it sucks just a bit.

2) I write down some thoughts and impressions on the things I’ve seen, read, heard or witnessed recently.

3) I research my subjects by using Wikipedia, M$ Encarta and Google.

4) Normally I start a post the day before I post it, this way I have the night to sleep on it. I find things are always clearer when I’ve slept on them. I also get ideas from my dreams, this is a way to use them on my blog.

5) I will find interesting sites or facts and post them with links if possible.

6) I will take ideas or posts from other blogs and comment on them or develop them some more.

7) I browse YouTube and flickr to find interesting media to include in my posts. I always link back to the photos I use so that the photographers get credit. I wouldn’t mind in the future inserting a small legend with the photos title and photographer underneath.

8) Post it, format the photos so that they fit on the blog.

9) Insert the icons at the end of each post so that the readers can share them with others.

I’m a bit too tired right now to write and continue my story, Galactic Rim. I promise I’ll have a few more chapters up by Saturday. Today is Canada Day, a holiday here. That will probably get the creative juices flowing. I’ve had a few ideas over the last few nights for Galactic Rim and they will prove interesting. I find that when I get really into a story, a technique I use is to read a few chapters of an interesting book, read my story and go to bed. I dream of it, without any fail. Weird ideas come to me this way.


I’ve just learned that the next novel from Alastair Reynolds in the Revelation Space universe will be called Machine Asylum.


From the author’s website


On the writing front, I have made good progress on the new book set in the Revelation Space universe, which takes place about 100 years before the events of CHASM CITY. It’s set around Yellowstone, with much of the action taking place in the great orbital swirl of 10,000 habitats known as the Glitter Band. It’s a very fast, very high-tech book, with a kind of police procedural plot structure. My pitch for it is “24 in space”, which should give you some idea of the flavour I’m aiming at. Aside from that, I’ve also been busy working on a new Merlin story.


Terra Naomi is inverting the way artists get signed thanks to YouTube. She gives an interview to the Blog Herald.


Interesting quote from the series How I Blog on the Blog Herald on The Man Blog.

Consider Maddox and Tucker Max. Why are these men currently enjoying their own cult following, pray tell? Is it because they are the epitome of the civilized human being? Is it because they inspire hope in a bleak world, and love in a dispassionate age? No, you dumb fucks. Itís because they are assholes. They are uncouth fucktards who find glee in offending people. Assholes, indeed, finish first. Even the Third Worldís pride and joy, Mike ìFuckingî Villar, would probably admit that his fame (or his infamy) grew exponentially when he created his *Atrocities of Friendster* series.


Some interesting comments I’ve made today:

From Kerryn’s blog

[On writing letters via snail mail]


Letters are a joy to write. They make you focus on what you want to say and if you write in ink, you have to be careful on what you write since you can make only that many errors.

Modern communications are good, but somewhat impersonal, especially emails. I tend to turn to blogging for communications with friends as well as some IM. I rarely use IM but only for certain important friends. I remember the days of logging on to msn and having 16 conversations at once, none of them really important. You lost a lot of time on them. Since then, this was in 1999, I have uninstalled most IM.

I find Skype a great convenience, since calls within Canada and US are free. Maybe in Australia or New Zealand, there are different terms of service, because from my computer I can call any US or Canada number without paying for long distance.

Get your mother in law a usb headset and set her up with skype. I did that with most of my family and we have completely cut off our long distance charges.

Or write her a long letter. I used to write love letters to a girl I liked in high school, anonymously of course. I knew she loved receiving my weekly love poems (I had overheard her talking about them to some girlfriends), written in a nice cursive handwriting.


From knoizki

[On summer clothes]


For work, it’s suits and ties for me. I like Hugo Boss a lot, but I haven’t bought myself any clothes in a while. I learned a while ago that an expensive tie makes the outfit, even if your suit is a bit worn, so I have at least 15 good ties.

When I’m off work, I go for Diesel jeans and cheap T-shirts. I got most of my Diesel jeans from a friend in Morocco, they were dirt cheap. Not C300$ a pair, more like C60$ a pair. When it’s smoking hot, I go for bermudas. I bought some last year for my honeymoon and I still wear them. They double as trunks and exercise shorts as well. I was surprised how expensive they were, about C40-C60$ each.


From sweetimmolation


[I’m referring that my previous comment in this conversation said that my story would have some references to the way the movie Memento was told]


I don’t really know what I was getting at. My short isn’t related at all to Momento, even though I enjoyed that movie a lot. I guess I wanted to say that I will get back to the beginning at some point, once the stage is set. I think my story will be like a sandwich. Start with one point, go into the past for a while and then pop up again to the beginning.

I’ve noticed that each of the “chapters” I wrote actually could be expanded into real chapters; they have a feel of excerpts. I noticed that they were like that while I was editing the last one.

There is probably a novella in there, though what the overall worth of it would be, I don’t know. I’ll just take it as I go along. I’ve actually written about 36000 words on that story until now, did some interesting research in the last few days which led to some revisions on the technology that I presented.

Man, if I could get paid for all the writing I do, that would be cool. It’s got to be a lot, since the short story is just a part of all the other posts and comments. Figure another 6000 words on posts + I don’t know how many in comments. It adds up. At least I type pretty fast.


My comments on cocomment.




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3 thoughts on “How hot is it or the Friday afternoon quotation post”

  1. Centerbet couldn’t have given you odds on this one… Just so you don’t have to wait, John & Ash were escorted from the BBA house this afternoon. Link for you

  2. At approximately 4.30am Saturday morning Ashley and John jumped onto Camilla’s bed. John held down Camilla while Ashley knelt over her, apparently slapping her in the face with his penis. At one stage John was holding Camilla down by her head. The incident went to air over the internet streams and several users recorded screen captures which are now circulating the internet. At the time Camilla was quoted as saying “thats not cool”.

    From the behindbigbrother website. From the incident rundown.

    How messed up is this. And this followed the kissing/ not kissing task, where Camilla was tasked to kiss everyone and Ash was tasked not to be kissed by anyone. There was a mock fight between Camilla and Ash, where she tried desperately to kiss him.

    That being said, John and Ash behaviour is unacceptable. The whole Big Brother Australia show is on the axe. Channel ten was already thinking about cancelling it for next season.

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