Galactic Rim: The Admiral, Chapter III

Hayabusa overdrive

Bobby Birondeau kicked his Hayabusa into overdrive. The micro gravitic engines that laced the hull of his bike flared into action to propel him towards the city center of Lo- To-Dor through the air. The satellites that covered the planet were all tied into sophisticated radars and fed into the AIs of all vehicles in order to minimize accidents. They still happened, but rarely because of machines; mostly when humans tried to overrule the AIs. Their bad luck, the dumb shits, thought Bobby whilst he clocked a few Gs zigzagging through air traffic.

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Galactic Rim: Flashbacks, Chapter II

Used playbeing

Former Fleet Captain Bobby Birondeau scratched his nuts whilst waking up. This seemed a constant. Nuts get scratchy and this morning, they needed a good rub. He got out of the sleep coffin slowly. They were the only type of rooms that a solo like him could afford. He hadn’t always been this poor. Women, booze, cigars, air, all the modern conveniences cost credits and he was a sucker for all of them.

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Galactic Rim: Encounter, Chapter I

Relativistic speeds seen from space

Bobby Birondeau got up from his reefer coffin. He scratched his head before stepping out on the cold deck of the bridge. He felt like he was smashed by a truck. That’s what reefer sleep does to you. He grabbed his pack of cigs and took his first smoke in a decade.

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F1 Grand Prix madness or how Brookers of YouTube got rich

Too much Red Bull!


This is how I felt this weekend after drinking too many smart drinks. I used to be able to drink a lot of them, sometimes 4-6 a night to stay awake. Since I don’t take any drugs, some nights whilst DJing were very hard. However, I guess this does not work anymore. I drunk one on Saturday night and was up until 07:00AM on Sunday. Well, maybe they work too well now.


In this post I cover the F1 Grand Prix of Canada, brookers, some Big Brother, photos and flickr, friends, top posts of this blog and more!

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Red bull on the roads or how friendship can be destroyed by business

Driving from quebec to montreal


Well, I'm finally back from Quebec City. It's about 05:15 AM, I'm just finishing formatting some photos and finishing this post. In this post, I cover driving while tired, friendship and business, some Big Brother and a lot of photos.

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The Hacker is here or how taking a wee when you’re drunk in a thong

I'm in Quebec until Saturday, so this is a quick update on what I've been up to since yesterdayéà. This post covers music, The Hacker, taking a wee in public, Quebec, friends and more!

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Bill Gates gone or it’s time for the St-Jean-Baptiste

Viva la revolucion

Bill gates announced that he will be leaving day to day operations of M$ to head up his charity and philanthropy work. This comes a mere week after Robert Scoble left M$ as well. Noticing something of a trend? In this post, I cover the Fête de la St-Jean-Baptiste, photography, the Montreal Grand Prix, moblogging, blogging, robots and more!

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