Memoirs on a rainy day vlog #1 part 3

Last part of the first vlog of the Memoirs.

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Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

16 thoughts on “Memoirs on a rainy day vlog #1 part 3”

  1. My first try all in one take. Didn’t really edit it anyways. Made me think of my radio broadcasting days.

    hum… It’s written. Another chapter will be up tonight. It’s called The Crew. I’m on the next chapter. Its the formatting and the images that take time. I’m not sure I want to do that tonight though…

    But at the latest tomorrow morning.

  2. Ahh — I start to see the connexion. There’s the source of the voice I wasn’t expecting. Did you learn english in a Brit-based atmos? There is a hint, but you are solidly midwest aside form that.

    Keep my eyes out.

    The crew.

    Thanks for omitting the “K” in crew. I know, temptations that you overcame….

  3. Hum, I use some expressions and words that I hear in British Tv shows. I do this on purpose because I like them. I tend to adapt the accent that I hear the most, maybe it’s that what you are hearing. But I speak only English with my wife, who is from BC. I speak French at work and with most of my friends.

    I’m in the midst of finishing up the next installment, The Preparation. It didn’t even cross my mind to use the K instead of The Crew. I’m not really into hip-hop. I think the next few chapters will explain a lot of details that I haven’t yet dwelved into. I didn’t want to make a chapter explaining things, because you are slowly supposed to understand the context of the story.

  4. Hey Range,

    You so don’t sound how I expect. I was expecting (hoping for) a bit of a French accent…

    I only watched part one… you’re still not allowed to laugh… it took forever to download. Any chance of shorter segments next time?

    But good job !!

  5. Yep, next time, the segments will be a lot shorter, around 5 minutes or so. I wasn’t listening to anything honestly. Just the noises from my condo which is well soundproofed.

  6. I like your accent as well and also I am somewhat the same since I tend to follow accents from TV which I really like. Nice video and you are giving me such a nice idea hehehehe

  7. I’ll be doing a few more in the coming weeks. If all goes well, I might do another shorter one tonight.

    Thanks for you comments Charles.

  8. Sorry range, been trying to load your Vlog, I really really wanted to see it but not working on me. I suspect it’s my FF browser.

  9. K — connectivity has been an issue all day with WP. I suspect something is being quirky and is widespread (gmail was down off and on all day as well). Not just my connection — work and home both affected.

    Try it again — I use FF at work and home and I had no issues.

    Sorry about the jokes that fell flat Range — I forget that some people have never been exposed to the weird shyte I force myself to suffer with.

  10. I’ve wacthed the latest Video. I’m LMAO over here by myself. It’s almost 5am and I can hardly open my eyes. 😮

    Will finish watching the rest from your VLOG page.

  11. @Mick: No worries! I found them funny! That’s why my new vlog is so funny BTW. Yeah WP was quirky most of the day here too. But right now it’s working fine. I’ve updated the vlog section of the blog as well, so you can access the vlogs through there as well.

    It was quite fun making them. If it picks up, I’ll go mobile when I have the right equipment!

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