Sunday morning introspection how or I finally made a vlog

Today’s feature photographer is marciakd. Check out her photos on her flickr site. This post features 4 of her photos. Beautiful sunsets that reveal a gorgeous array of colors in her world.

In this post, I write about Psych, the new tv show, my dreamlog, my vlog, photography and more!

I got up early this morning at 06:40 AM, so I was able to remember large pieces of my dream of last night.


Dreamlog #8


I am in this giant library, a school library. My friend Carpentier and I and walking around in here. There is snow outside, meters of it. It’s cold. It looks like a sleepy Quebec town. The library is use, they have a lot of different stuff, from books to some cheap clothes, for some reason. My real purpose here is to spot a few things that we will have to save before the end of the world.


I show Carpentier the folio Latin book that we have to save, we can not leave it her to be destroyed. It is of a whitish color with red writing on the cover. I do not remember exactly what it is from. I’m sure it’s not the Necronomicon. I also tell him that I found Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s cane in here, most probably the cane on which he based Sherlock Holmes’s cane. We have to save it too. For some reason, we are standing in line to check out, the stairs are done in a funny way. Some staire down don’t lead anywhere, they just end. The stairs go up and down to check out. I got some knick knack that I have to pay for. I also have some stuff in my other bags, but they aren’t from this store. It takes forever to pay for my thing. It cost 48 cents and the girl is telling me that I didn’t give her the right amount. I finally deduce that I must have given here 2 5 cent coins instead of 2 25 cent coins, so I just give her a dollar. She doesn’t give me back any change.


We are slowly making our way out. The conversation turns to Misha Barton’s character in the OC [Ed. Note: weird, because I don’t even watch that show or ever have watched it except the pilot episode]. We see her car, a nice new Porsche Carrera 4 cabriolet in the parking lot. We talk about how she faked her death in her show and how she is the only one in the OC who will go far. Then we talk about how she is coming back in the next season of the show.


It shifts and we are walking around again in the cold, I am no longer with my friends. I am with a girl I once knew. We are at this weird hotel and resort. She fixed me a meeting, but it’s taking me forever to figure out how to get in. She looks familiar, though she is petite and blonde. The whole setup reminds me of my college cafeteria that had a mezzanine. I finally find the entrance after a while, and give them my entry ticket. I go in, whilst people are leaving. It looks like the show is completely over. The girl is in there with some of her friends, she is talking with them. We meet up, but there is an uncomfortable silence.


We leave to pack up her stuff, she has only got a few bags after 5 years with someone. She is putting on make-up before leaving. For some reason I think of the barbarian that she was with. He is literally a barbarian, with a fur armor and a giant sword. She lives in a dump that has changed over from a hut. I wonder why she stayed with him all this time.


We are again walking in the cold, under a street, we continue walking ahead.


I am now in some strange arena. Weird singing is heard, there are no instruments. I see acrobats twirl around and then the stage is revealed. It is humongous. It is the Cirque Du Soleil, who has setup in Las Vegas. The stage is so bit, it’s bigger than a football pitch. They twirl around and I watch.


For some strange reason I think of David Beckam and his stupid singing. He keeps trying to get into music and it sucks. I can hear him now singing a love song.





Well, I finally was able to edit, recompress and modify my 1st vlog. It’s a recap of the last week in the blogosphere. I also give updates on a variety of subjects as well as some interesting urls. The vlog is a companion piece to The Memoirs, so have fun watching it. My plan is to do weekly vlogs, this is a lot easier now, since I’ve been through the process. Let me know what you think and if you have comments or subjects you want me to cover leave a comment or email me at


memoirs [dot] on [dot] a [dot] rainy [dot] day [at] gmail [dot] com


BTW, no hot chicks, nothing fancy.

A quick update, I ran into some problems. Just saw that YouTube doesn’t take vlogs longer than 10 minutes. That’s another setback. It’ll take another hour I guess to split it and upload it all again. Yes, it’s a long one. Close to 20 minutes. Hopefully, you will not be too bored. I might do another one today explaining some of the themes of my short science fiction story in more detail. Actually, it had to be split into three parts. I’m planning on adding a whole section of this on the blog. Look for vlog in a separate section and on separate posts on this blog in the next few minutes.




If you aren’t aware of coComments, you should be. It is a little web 2.0 utility that tracks all the comments you have made on different blogs. So instead of checking the blogs directly, you just check your conversations through the coComment page and you know what has been said. Easy way to keep up with your comments. Also, it enables you to find a comment you made somewhere if you want to elaborate on it. It also generates an RSS feed to track your comments.

One flaw, if someone comments on the same post and doesn’t use coCommenting, well you see a logical discrepancy, but there always is a direct link to the post you commented on and you can go there to read it directly. Very useful, I recommend it to you. If you are using firefox, there is also a quite useful extension that makes the bookmarklet look stupid. Try it out.



Today’s program?


Well, after having successfully done my 1st vlog, I’m looking forward to doing some writing and editing of my short science fiction stories. I also want to do another quick vlog to explain some of the themes I write about. Hopefully it will clear up some questions.

Other than that, walking the dog, relaxing. I enjoy getting up really early. There is so much to do. Trouble is, I shut down at 10:00 PM, or around that time if I haven’t taken a nap.





I’ve done a lot of research and have set my sights on a Nikon D200. I’m trying to find a used one off ebay. I’ve looked into getting a companion to this camera, a nice point and shoot, however, the features I look for in a point and shoot are only available in the bigger point and shoots. They are almost the size of the Nikon D200. So I think I’ll just use the Sony Cybershot from my wife as point and shoot and try to get the Nikon D200 before I move. I’m also looking into a fisheye lens, a macro lens and a good telephoto lens. I don’t plan on getting them all in one shot, but hopefully by next year I’ll be equipped.

I’ve always enjoyed photography. My wife has been photographing for years, but I guess that since we had a photographer in our relationship, I didn’t feel right doing it myself too. I have gotten really into it in the last few months, and found some very interesting photographic fields: long exposures, night photography, macro photography of toys and robots that I want to do. In BC, there will be a lot of opportunities to do photographing; they have gorgeous beaches and vistas.

I also felt that I was intruding into her field. Whereas I should have seen this more of an opportunity to share our common love of photography. Even though we do photography, I still have a lot more to learn. I am taking this time to develop my eye. She has been photographing for at least 10 years or more. She has always told me that I take good pictures, but I never really looked into it until I started shooting photos of my puppy last year.



This is the new show on USA. I found it a bit weird to be honest. The main premise is this kid that notices everything because his father trained him this way. The kid grows up and rebels against his father, a cop. He goes through a lot of jobs and finally finds a calling to pose as a “psychic” for the police force. He does this because they wouldn’t believe that he gets all his information from the micro-expressions that the perps do, or the details that he notices.

I didn’t find it that good. It was OK, nothing great.


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  1. I was thinking the same thing with the one directly above the co-commenting subheader. If she’s there, I want to be as well..


  2. Well, I guess that will happen, the fracture of expectations. My wife gave that shirt. But I do have some nice ones that I bought myself. Since I wear a suit most days.

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