How The Memoirs got 167000 hits in a few hours or a follow up post to Modern HDR photography


This is a follow-up post to my previous post which was viewed over 127000 in the span of a few hours. This is part of a series of articles on HDR photography.

  1. Modern HDR photography, a how-to
  2. How The Memoirs got 167000 hits in few hours… <- You are here
  3. The Memoirs got  viewed 170000 times in a day, an analysis
  4. Understanding modern HDR Photography, a set of tools, links, examples and explanations

A quick update to mention that @ 19:36 PM, on Saturday the 15th of July 2006, I had over 152000 hits today.

…167000 hits @ 20:18 PM


All the pictures from this post come from the HDR photo pool from flickr. Check them out, they have got some beautiful HDR photos available. As the title entails, this post examines how The Memoirs got over 127000 hits in a few hours without being dugg by digg. This post contains HDR images, you can see this as a photographical revue on recent HDR photos.

HDR exists to capture as many colors as possible, and works best with very high contrast pictures. The shutter speed is varied for a number of shots of the same subject then blended together with a software.

This is what Wikipedia has to say on High Dynamic Range imaging:

In computer graphics and cinematography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is a set of techniques that allow a far greater dynamic range of exposures than normal digital imaging techniques. The intention of HDRI is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes, ranging from direct sunlight to the deepest shadows.

This is the story how The Memoirs On A Rainy Day had more than 127000 visits in a day. The Memoirs became the #2 Growing blog on WordPress, #6 Top Blog on WordPress. The post itself made it to the #3 Top Post on WordPress, #6 top story on Reddit and #7 on Every few minutes, I refresh the site and I am astounded by the interest that my little article has generated. I knew that for a fact that my traffic usually spiked during the weekends, but was in no way prepared for the astounding revelation that more than a 100000 people had visited my blog that day.

So this morning, as usual, I got up walked the dog. After that, I got my tea going and sat down in front of the computer. I checked the comments, responded to all of them, checked my regular reads and commented on them as well. I came back to my blog and found a question from a reader about a certain photograph that had used HDR to render some of its effects.

I started answering the reader and found some resources for him. I got into it, researching the topic, finding interesting images. Enough so, that I decided to make it into a full post. I included 3 source articles, reprinting and reformatting them, including credit where it was due. I also added my own comments as well as some nice photos from the HDR pool on flickr. Now I won’t get into the details of HDR photography, that has been covered amply in my post. You will see that in this post, HDR photos are used exclusively. If you feel that you would like to know more, please read my original post on this matter.


As usual, I always submit all my stories to NowPublic and Reddit. I had stopped submitting my posts to digg since I had received some comments that I did not deem worthy of response. Also, I discovered that because a reader pointed it out to me, that my URL was blocked from digg. I find that NowPublic and Reddit were a good place for these stories. In the beginning, I use to reprint them completely on Newsvine. I stopped doing this, because of the amount of time that it took.

I have also submitted some stories to some blog carnivals. Blog carnivals is where you submit your stories to certain categories with other blogs and these stories are then published, sent out to readers and publicized for a few days.


I have also been submitting a lot of comments. From Rocketboom, to ZeFrank, to Galcticast, Scobleizer and other top 100 Technorati blogs, I have made comments. A lot more than before. But this in itself does not guarantee any form of return of the scale I am talking about right now.

Actually, right now, since there have been some problems with the WordPress stats pages, I think that my counter is being overwhelmed by the amounts of visit that I receive. I will publish another post with details and screengrabs about the amount of traffic this one post has generated.

After I had finished this, I published it at around 11:29 AM. I started noticing something weird, when my normal traffic jumped through the roof in about half an hour. I looked at the incoming links an saw that there was a large portion coming through Reddit. I checked up on it and saw that my post was at #7 and climbing. I also say that over 30 people had already saved the link through


By 15h00 PM today, I was nearing the 50000. When I started writing this article, I was hoping in generating 15000 total visits today, close to 1000 visits in one day. At last count, I have had over 114000 today.

How did this all start?


Simply by submitting a story that I had just posted in response to a reader to Reddit and things picked up from there. It was picked up by Popurls, it was saved onto, it was blogged a few times and commented on.


Why? It has to do with the viral nature of the blogosphere. Some bloggers aren’t even aware of this. Viral, means the way it was circulated from word to mouth. However, since the blogosphere is still mostly a written medium, stories are circulated from one blog onto another. When Robert Scoble left Microsoft, he got over 90000 hits in a day. Another example of this was when Amanda Congdon announced that she had left/ was fired from Rocketboom.

The news takes on a life of its own and uses the blogosphere, by way of the bloggers, to transmit itself very rapidly.


The main thing for The Memoirs is to get some nice exposure, and bring in new readers for my content and some sponsors. Riding the Long Tail of a digg or a Reddit is paramount to be able to monetize a blog in the long term.

* * * * *


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17 responses to “How The Memoirs got 167000 hits in a few hours or a follow up post to Modern HDR photography”

  1. evolvingtrends Avatar


    But are you sure it’s 127,000 hits?

    How come you’re not ahead of Scobleizer then? He doesn’t get more than 20,000 per day!

    This means you nailed down the art of the viral message.

    But as far as the details, your blog shows up at #10 now on WordPress which is not that much (you only need over 1000 hits to be in the top 10 and probably less on a weekend)

    So why is that? Did you get a sharp pulse of traffic?


  2. evolvingtrends Avatar

    Never mind my comment under the original post.

    I think it would help to show the graph so I can see how it went in your case 🙂

    Compare and contrast.

    This is awesome by the way!!!


  3. range Avatar

    Hi Marc.
    I’m going to wait probably until tomorrow before posting the graph. The reason why is, as you know, WordPress is having some difficulties with the stats page. Right now, they have fixed the counters by the incoming links and referrers as well as the graphic is not up to date.

    It probably doesn’t help that I have at last count, had 156000 hits today. As to nailing down the viral message, well I wouldn’t want to presume too much. I think this is mostly a phenomenon of me writing something interesting in a way that made amateur photographers try this out. I also have received a bit of exposure because I feature a photographer from flickr on each post.

    That, coupled with being on the front page of Reddit throughout most of the day, as well as #4 most saved link today had gotten the ball rolling.

    I have also taken upon myself to submit this story to some different memediggers, including the new netscape, shoutwire, slashdot and a few others. This probably has had a further impact, since it interested the users of Reddit, it is logical to suppose that the users of other memediggers would find the article interesting.

    I am a bit flabbergasted by all this, especially since everytime I refresh the counter, I get a few thousand more hits.

    I think this goes the way of saying that even if a lot of people who enjoy technology and web 2.0, there are a lot of laypeople out there who enjoy articles on different things, such as photography. But I would have never guessed that this article would have generated so much interest, more than your article that got dugg.

    This goes to show you that digg is no longer supreme. Other’s have taken up the slack, from Reddit to Shoutwire, and I think that the crowd has been fractured even more than before. The more the crowd or readers get fractured this way, the more difficult it becomes to predict what will happen. I am looking forward to seeing the Long Tail of the digg phenomenon, or in my case, the Reddit phenomenon.

    Thanks for your comments, looking forward to a good discussion on the subject in the coming days.

  4. fdafdsaf Avatar

    So the point of this post is that you don’t know why your earlier post got so popular. It just was. Great.

  5. range Avatar

    Of course that wasn’t the point of this post. It was to first illustrate how it happened, from my point of view. If you aren’t aware, there are some stats problems right now with WordPress, so I can not push my analysis any further without more information. If you want to, feel free to read the comments, they might give you a better insight on how and why the post was so popular.

    Meanwhile, I will analyze this further in the coming days, so stay tuned for more HDR photography and more analysis on how the traffic of The Memoirs was boosted by so much.

    Thanks for your comment, and welcome to The Memoirs.

  6. Sandra Avatar

    Mayang and I are going to be body guards for Mr. Angry when he becomes famous and goes on the road. Would you care to enlist our services also? We specialize in feeding Moroccan chocolates. 😀

  7. range Avatar

    Chocolates, I like that idea!

  8. K Avatar

    WOW look at that, its 184K hits now! Congrats Range, you’re on the TOP Post and 2nd to the best BLOG on

  9. range Avatar

    Thanks K!

    I am still somewhat amazed. I am continuing with my 4th article on the subject. The 3rd was just published. The 4th will go into even more techniques and tools you need for HDR Photography.

  10. Brad Avatar

    Congrats Range! That must have been exciting for you!

  11. range Avatar

    Thanks a lot Brad.

  12. Nora Avatar

    I have been doing photography since HS and have always been a traditionalist until my niegbor got me into doing some digital work. Then I recently saw some HDR work in a phot site I am a member in. I am facinated by it. So much intense color and detail. I happened along your blog while researching HDR. Can you achieve this sort of effect through CS2? Or is it best to purchase a HDR camera? I love your work!

  13. range Avatar

    Hello Nora.
    I suggest using Photomatix in conjunction with Photoshop and following the tutorial, it’s pretty easy to play with to get some interesting results. You can get good ones by using 3 to 5 different exposures and composing them together using Photomatix. Then adjusting the resulting picture using Photoshop.

    HDR cameras do not exist per se, IMHO. They will in a few years, but until then, the work has to be done by using DSLR cameras and composing the pictures. I am sure that if there is enough enthusiasm, Nikon or Canon will come up with a system to take HDR photos directly. HDR is actually an image processing technique to aggregate multiple photos of the same subject into one, by varying the shutter speeds to capture different colors.

    Here is a ressource to use only Photoshop:

  14. Alan Avatar

    I first read your article on HDR today. It was linked from another article.

    Almost all of my photography is nature and wildlife since I use these photos on my Nevada outdoor blog.

    My interest in HDR is simply to enhance my photos for a more dramatic effect and I did find your tutorial very informative as well as this follow up on how that article got so many visits!

    You are doing some good work here! Please keep it up.


  15. Graphic Design Brisbane Avatar

    I just read this, fascinating article. I shoot a lot of HDR and I am amazed at the popularity of this blog. Well done.

    Cheers Dave::

  16. Roger Chappel Avatar

    Great advise, I have also heard that if you provide content rich and informative blogs to the community and also become an active wiki editor you can suggest that your blog be considered for external links on the associated wiki article. I will give your concepts a go on my blog after some further refinements.

    1. range Avatar

      Yes, but Wikipedia has very strict policies about adding external links. They need to be reference links. Even if you create your own Wikipedia page.

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