Big Brother Australia, UK and USA updates 31.07.2006

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This post is part of the meta-post My Second Life or how we are creating a new generation of Otakus. It contains all of the updates for the Big Brother reality TV shows for Australia, UK and USA.


Big Brother Australia


How stupid is Mike Goldman, the presenter of Uplate and Friday Night Games? He was having a discussion with Bree on the show last Friday on how people should vote. Bree was saying that the best course of action was to vote to save their favorite housemate and vote to evict the other housemates, which is completely logical since this actually give 2 votes to the favorite, by lowering the tally of the other housemates.


Mike was saying that this actually spreads out your vote, and you should just vote for your favorite. Wow, how dim is he?


The show has almost wrapped up for 2006, and I have to say of all the 23 housemates in the BBAU house this year, Dazza was the worst. I couldn’t stand him.



Big Brother UK


The housemates had problems with the word Machiavellian. Why? They did a task where they found out that


A) Susie was the most emotionally stable and Richard was the least

B) Glyn was the most intelligent and Susie was the least

C) Aisleyne was the most Machiavellian and Pete was the least.


As usual, Aisleyne used her strategy of crying in the diary room in order to solicit comfort from others and from the psychologists. I think this was a magnificent task which showed the bare bones of all of the housemates to each other.


I think that it affected the housemates a lot to find these things out, even if some like Aisleyne pretended that they didn’t know it. I think that this shows one of the main problems with society today, people do not read enough. If they did, they would know what Machiavellian means. How stupid were these housemates? I think only Richard and Susie actually knew what the word meant. Aisleyne as usual didn’t have a clue and suggested something stupid like “driven”. She was quite shocked to learn that I meant deceitful and manipulative and that she was numero uno of all the housemates. Glyn, Pete, Aisleyne and Mikey couldn’t even pronounce the word correctly. What these people need to do is to read a book a week or every two weeks to expand their minds, knowledge and vocabulary. There was a time where I could read a book a day. Nowadays, I read a book every few days. I’m glad I’ve gotten back into it. It’s such a joy to read, it develops the imagination and from then on, the telly looks like something completely stupid and incomparable next to it.


I think that Pete is getting quite enamored of Jennie. He called her sexy and cute after Friday’s eviction.



Big Brother USA


The current head of household Janelle nominated Erica and Mike Boogie. Mike Boogie won the power of veto.

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  1. K Avatar

    Where is that place in your first picture? Amazing archiecturesque. Ok let me guess, USA? No, France maybe? I like those Apartments up the road area. It must be cool to live there.

  2. range Avatar

    Hey K!
    Not my pics!
    But here is the info!
    San Fransisco, California, USA!

  3. leea Avatar

    i think that mike goldman is the most hottest gue in australia

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