Miami Vice, the movie reviewed

This post is part of the meta-post My Second Life or how we are creating a new generation of Otakus. It contains my review of the new movie Miami Vice.

At least Sony is still driving a Ferrari, a Titanium grey F430 Spider, hopefully with a red interior. For now, I’ve seen great cars and beautiful women. Sony and Rico get recruited into a compromised task force in order to get to the bottom of the corruption.


“How I know how good you at this shit?”

Jose, a bad guy to Sony & Rico


A few years ago, I tried watching the original Miami Vice. In my mind, those episodes were the epitome of cool, with Phil Collins and Castillo. Especially Sony in his Ferrari Testarossa. I guess what happened was pretty predictable, my illusions were shattered by the lameness of the original show. At least the music by Jan Hammer was still good. Other wise, I was barely able to watch 15 minutes of the 1st show before getting rid of the whole 2 seasons. Same thing happened with MacGuyver. I really liked the shows when I was a kid, but lo and behold, when I watched them again, I could barely watch the 1st episode before getting rid of the rest. Some shows and movies don’t age that well. Miami Vice is one of them.


Gong Li plays the bad guys girlfriend/associate. I can barely understand what she is saying and she talks like a robot. Wow, the dialogue between her and Colin Farrell is really hard to watch. She sucks pretty badly, Michael Mann should have chosen someone who could speak correctly English or subtitle her and make her talk in Cantonese.


“I’m a businesswoman and Jesus is not my husband.”

Gong Li to Crocket in Cuba.


She played in The Emperor and the Assassin.

There is a whole portion of the movie that is unnecessary; the whole love affair between Isabella (Gong Li) and Sony is just plain stupid, as is the premise of the movie. We get hired to ship your coke to Miami. 3000$ a pound.


I am about halfway through and already my attention is lagging. There is a too great emphasis on Sony’s relationship with Gong Li. I could have edited at least 30 minutes out of this movie because of this. And it’s not like its funny, it’s actually quite a boring movie. I liked Transporter 2 a lot better. Very dark and gritty without being that entertaining.

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20 responses to “Miami Vice, the movie reviewed”

  1. Mentatoh Avatar

    The problem with Gong-Li would be her English speaking skills; it’s the same with the Japanese and what us westerners call Engrish. But her performance in Memoirs of a Geisha was good 🙂

  2. range Avatar

    And in The Emperor and the Assassin she was pretty good too. Yes, her English speaking skills weren’t that hot.

    Collateral is better than Miami Vice. Heat is better than Collateral. Heat is one of my favorite action flicks.

    Thanks for you comments.

  3. Mentatoh Avatar

    At least the asian population are learning English, which is good to see and some of them have gotten good at it too. I haven’t seen these movies you speak of; the way they present the trailer here in the Great Land of Oz makes it look like another 2 Fast 2 Furious kind of movie.

  4. range Avatar

    Heat is one of the best action flicks I’ve seen. It includes stellar performance by Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Tom Sizemore and Val Kilmer. It has one of the best bank heist scenes, you have to see it to believe it. When I got my DVD player in 1999, it was one of the 1st movies I bought.

    If you liked Ronin, you will like Heat. It’s actually a remake of an older American movie that wasn’t that good.

    Collateral, hyeh, a rental and best at that. More like a free rental, nothing too good about that movie, it’s still interesting, but Heat is way better.

  5. Mentatoh Avatar

    I haven’t seen all the movies you’ve mentioned, gyaah! *panics* I usually go for science fiction, the weird ones,movies that catch interest fast and movies I get dragged into by friends, because of the whole “minority VS majority” thing we tend to have 😦

  6. range Avatar

    Hey, I get you. I used to review movies for some media, and I have seen some bad movies. You know that I actually like some super bad movies, just because they are so bad.

    I do love sci-fi, but there aren’t that many releases in that genre anymore. It’s more superheroes nowadays.

    Minority Report, Blade Runner, Lost Highway, Twin Peaks, A Scanner Darkly, Dune are the ones of the top of my head that I’ve enjoyed.

    Naturally, I enjoy all the sci-fi shows, from Star Trek to Babylon 5.

  7. Mentatoh Avatar

    A Scanner Darkly? That is a name of a story by Phillip K Dick, right? That scene with Anderton and his eyeballs getting extracted and changed in Minority Report freaked me out XD Dune rules! If only some director got a hold of an idea to turn the Butlerian Jihad trilogy into a movie for us fans 😦 Erasmus would have to be done in 3D with his movements motion-captured 😛 Have you seen a science-fiction Anime series called Serial Experiments Lain? That is one mind-trip you *should* see! and I liked Donnie Darko despite hearing that my peers didn’t get the gist of it 😦 Chumscrubber is like Darko in a sense and I would like to see it if it’s out on DVD. BTW, my name is a combination a Dune reference and some other words, Mentat, potato and the famous (and well-known) D’oh! phrase. I like my wordplay 😛

  8. range Avatar

    Yep, A Scanner Darkly is a story by Dick and was made into a movie by Richard Linklater. I liked it.

    I’d say that the Butlerian Jihad was pretty good, however I am somewhat scared of The Hunters of Dune. I am fearful that it will be not up to expectations, because for this one, they are huge.

    No I haven’t seen that anime series, I’ll check it out. Donnie Darko was surprisingly good. Yeah, love those Mentats.

  9. range Avatar

    PS I love GiTS, especially the animated seasons. They are so much fun to watch.

  10. Mentatoh Avatar

    Yeah, Mentats rock my socks! Rumors are circulating that in HoD, Erasmus *might* return, *gasp* If he did, that’s going to be great! The book is actually based on the Dune notes that was left behind by Frank Herbert. I could go with some Sappho Juice right now 😛 Logan’s Run is also rumored to be turned into a film in 2007, if I remembered correctly. I haven’t seen the original film or read the book that the film was based on 😦 and yesterday, I saw shrink-wrapped copies of one of the two Serial Experiments artbooks in Perth 😀 Gotta save up and get a copy before they all march out the door!

  11. Mentatoh Avatar

    GiTS, WHOOT! I think that Innocence (the secondmovie) is heaps better than the first, despite being a second-look into the same subject discussed within the film before it. the S.A.C version is good too because The Major (Motoko) isn’t as cold as her film incarnation and the Tachikoma tanks (voiced by *one* chick in the original Japanese version) add a touch of humor to a show geared at adults and college students 🙂 I still think that SBS should’ve played 2nd GIG straight after 1st GIG instead of playing Samurai Champloo. There is another GITS production called 3rd GIG: Solid State Society, it’s unknown whether it’s a continuation of a series or planned to be a film. On a related note, a comic series is going to released in English published by Dark Horse (the same guys who brought us the GITS and MMI comics in English) based on S.A.C and a fourth OST for S.A.C is rumored to be in the works. Cool, no? 🙂

  12. range Avatar

    3rd Gig, not that will be good.

    I did like the movies, but preferred the series.

    Yes, I have heard about the rumors of Erasmus returning and that the “enemy” is partly left over machines from the Overmind. For one thing, I think that he should keep within the universe that Frank Herbert established and not diverge too much. With the gholas, I have real problems seeing the original characters back. Except Duncan Idaho of course and Miles Teg.

  13. Mentatoh Avatar

    Everybody loves their Duncans it seems 🙂 I’d like to see Piter de Vries and Thufir Hawat back, Gilbertus, Erasmus and Gurney 🙂 But I wonder how these leftover Overmind pieces can return? because I swear nothing was left untouched during the BJ event. That whole “I am not a false god” thing with the three Omniuses was amusing 😛

  14. range Avatar

    I seem to remember that Erasmus got away with an update sphere?

    That might be the reason for the return of Omnius.

  15. Mentatoh Avatar

    By that time there was three spheres, yes? The one from Seurat, one from Yorek Thurr and the one on Corrin. Which book was it that you think that was from, Range?

  16. range Avatar

    I don’t remember, it was sometime ago that I read them all. Probable the last of the Butlerian Jihad trilogy.

  17. Mentatoh Avatar

    Should be around the second and third book because that’s when they started the whole “update” business among the Synchonized Worlds.

  18. range Avatar

    Hm, well. I’ll have to reread them, they are on my to read again list. I’m just finishing up Alastair Reynolds and Absolution Gap. If you haven’t read any Reynolds, you should try Revelation Space, the 1st in the series of hard science-fiction novels in the RS universe.

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