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Blog Check-In 2006.08.31


This post was updated on the 31st of August 2006 @ 11:29 PM


Today’s blog check-in. I talk about what has been going on in the last 24 hours, this blog’s stats and a few other things.

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Rescue Me Season 3 finale: Beached S03E13 (FX)

This post gives a recap on this week’s Rescue Me finale. The show airs on FX and has been renewed for another season. It ends with a cliffhanger and serious doubt on how the crew will come together again next season.

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Blade The Series: Hunters S01E10 (Spike)

This post gives a recap of this week’s episode of Blade The Series on Spike. The show has had moderate success ever since winning over 2.5 million viewers during its premiere in June.

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Bones: The Titan On The Tracks S02E01 (Fox)

This post gives a recap on this week’s season premiere of Bones, the dramedy on Fox on forensic science, starring Emily Deshanel and David Boreanaz.

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Kyle XY: Endgame S01E10 (ABC Family)

This post gives a recap on this week’s Kyle XY episode called Endgame on ABC Family. In this, the mystery of Kyle’s parents is revealed.

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Blog Check-In 2006.08.30

Just a quick update on my preparations on our imminent departure for Taiwan. I have done a lot yesterday evening, this is the update on these things.

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Vanished: The Tunnel S1E02 (Fox)

This article gives a recap on yesterday’s Vanished TV show on Fox. This show centers on the disappearance of a senator’s wife and the search for her by the FBI, speaheaded by Agent Kelton.

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