Silent Witness and 30 Days

This article is part of the meta-post Racism Rampant or how Jamie won Big Brother Australia. This article covers the new episode of the new season of 30 Days and the British drama Silent Witness.


30 Days, Immigration, by Morgan Spurlock


This is an emotional episode from Spurlock, from the award winning doc Super Size Me. It concerns the recent problems with immigration laws in the USA and the firestorm of controversy that ensued.


Frank, a Cuban immigrant Minutemen goes to live with a family of illegal immigrants. He lives in their small apartment with the couple and their children and learns what exactly they went to come to the USA and the hopes and dreams of their college borne daughter.


His epiphany comes when he goes to Mexico and sees from where they come from.


I found it very touching that this staunch American patriot sees the humanity that is involved in the illegal immigrants.


Silent Witness (BBC)


I’m really enjoying this British drama with Emilia Fox playing Dr Nikki Alexander. It’s in its tenth season on the BBC. To American viewers, I would describe it a mix of CSI and Crossing Jordan. However, like most British dramas, it’s story arcs are complex, evolve during each episode and are short in total number of episodes. I am not squeamish and don’t mind the odd Japanese horror film (I know a few that would make anyone squeamish, like Audition from Takashi Miike. I own the dvd but I am reluctant to see it again, since I have already seen it once. It is quite disturbing, though this effect is not achieved with gore but with a very smart storyline), but I do not like to see bodies, even dead bodies cut up, dissected and exposed. I find that this dehumanizes them as well as me, even though I know that they aren’t real, I know that this will affect me in some way, so I don’t care to watch those parts.


No matter what we say, watching violence and scenes of bodies will affect you in some way at some point. I find that even though I enjoyed Nip/Tuck, I didn’t like the surgeries at all. Too graphic, too exposed, too gruesome.


Back to Silent Witness, the story revolves around a few forensic pathologists; with a few doctors working with the respective DI’s assigned to the cases.


Also, like most shows on BBC’ they are presented without any commercials and last 57-59 minutes. At least the producers and writers of this show don’t pretend that their coroners are detectives like in CSI. I doubt that any crime scene investigators work like the ones in the CSI shows. One of the worst aspects of this is when the CSI’s in CSI interrogate suspects, how unbelievable is that?


Someone’s died apparently…

Dr Harry Cunningham to Dr Nikki Alexander after having answered the phone

* * * * *

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