Vlog Updates

This article is part of the meta-post Racism Rampant or how Jamie won Big Brother Australia. This article covers the latest vlogs from Popcrunch, Rocketboom and ZeFrank.




The site just launched its first vlog. The show is about celebrity news delivered very dryly and uninterestingly by the host Bridgid. The production, from audio to video needs some adjustments and the host is a bit boring. She needs to inject a bit of life into her delivery, it’s not that fun to watch. You be the judge:


(Popcrunch episode #1)





Finally, the news shows are back since yesterday. Monday’s episode was pretty decent, a very good improvement from last week and the last month of not so good field reports. JoCo actually apologized for that, which I found good.





Ze is up to his usual insightful and comical commentaries, no change there. His show is still a blast to watch every single day.

* * * * *

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