Blade The Series (Spike) Reviewed

This article is part of the meta-post Dreams defined or how New Orleans will be put under the microscope. This article reviews the new series Blade on the network Spike.

I was not expecting much from this action series based on the popular Marvel character Blade, who was portrayed by Wesley Snipes in three successful movies. In the Blade trilogy, I really enjoyed the 2nd Blade movie; it was entertaining and really had a comic book feel to it, even if it was live-action.


I can see how this series will find a niche amongst the wrestling and action movie fans. I don’t think that there is a show quite like this on television right now, that is why it will succeed without a doubt.


With no straight science-fiction series on network TV, Star Trek Enterprise was cancelled after four seasons, and the rash of new science-fiction shows being all cancelled except Supernatural, younger male viewers in the 20s will be looking for something like this.


The actors are ok, the action is fun and the effects are cool. It is always cool to see vampires on film, and this show is no exception.

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It is also part of the meta-post Dreams defined or how New Orleans will be put under the microscope.

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3 responses to “Blade The Series (Spike) Reviewed”

  1. Karly Avatar

    I personally have loved this show from the very beginning. I am enjoying the drama between Krista, Marcus and Blade. Did you see the season finale? I was not expectating Chase to turn on Marcus, that caught me by suprise.

  2. me Avatar

    i heard it was cancelled

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