Dreams Defined or how New Orleans is going to be put under the microscope

This is today’s meta-post covering the synchronicity of dreams, the TV shows One Ocean View, Blade, Whistler, Nightmares & Dreamscapes, blog and internet psychosis and more!

Today’s photos are a mish mash from a lot of different sources. Most notable is the Matador. Check out his flickr site.



Netscape Navigators revealed, hopefully they will fare better than the old Netscape Navigator.

Team New Orleans from Chartreuse is revealed. They will leave for New Orleans and give videos and reports directly from the people of New Orleans.


Noah Brier analyzes why Chartreuse works so well. I really like the layout of his blog, with a sidenote feed as well for random linkage. It’s a really interesting read.

Index of this meta-post, Dreams Defined or how New Orleans is going to be put under the microscope

  1. Synchronicity of Dreams, Part II
  2. One Ocean View (ABC) Reviewed
  3. Nightmares & Dreamscapes, by Stephen King (TNT) Reviewed
  4. Blade The Series (Spike) Reviewed
  5. Whistler Update (CTV)
  6. Blog and Internet Psychosis
  7. Big Brother UK and USA Updates from 4th of August 2006

* * * * *

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10 responses to “Dreams Defined or how New Orleans is going to be put under the microscope”

  1. R. Avatar

    Sent here by His Royal Queenliness Queer Chef.

    Love your selection of photos — especially waves crashing against the sunset. I want to drink that sunset & all that deliciousness. Keep up the brilliant site.

  2. range Avatar

    Thanks R, I like mango pickle too. But I like apple pickle and lemon pickle as well. Naan is good, idli as well. Best are always the ones your mom or dad made.

    Welcome to The Memoirs!

    I will keep up the good work.

    Yes, I wouldn’t mind a vacation there myself.

  3. cheH Avatar

    As usual I’ve enjoyed all the featured photos & interesting articles esp. the blog and internet Psychosis. That was a good read indeed. Thanks for sharing!

    And yes, I agree re: NB blog’s layout, it’s a very clean design & friendly to the eyes.Your own blogskin isn’t bad either;)

  4. range Avatar

    Thanks Cherry!

    With paid upgrades coming along on WP, in a few weeks, I think I’ll move to a hosted service so that I can design stuff myself.

    Yep, blog psychosis is dangerous.

  5. Noah Brier Avatar

    Wow, all the complements, thanks so much I’m glad people enjoy the content and the layout. I’m not a designer and it’s always nice to hear complements on my work. Thanks again.

  6. range Avatar

    I like the concept of the sidenotes and that you actually have a feed for it as well, that’s cool.

  7. K Avatar

    I like the last shot at same time scarier – I could somewhat hear a roaring thunder in it, so alive, totally madness.

  8. range Avatar

    Hey K!
    Isn’t there going to be a typhoon in the philipines. I know that you are in HK, but how’s the weather over there?

  9. not hellboy anymore Avatar
    not hellboy anymore

    woooaaaahh so many things to read, sometimes i wonder how do you find all these stuff, how much time you spend on them; me as an expert crap writer spend quite a while for each post, may be writing high quality content takes less time! that’s why my job’s harder & more precious 🙂
    thanks for keeping me busy, there’s always something new to learn!

  10. range Avatar

    Hi not_hellboy_anymore, I usually write my posts the day before publishing I them. So I have the time to mull over them a day before posting them. I also split them up so it’s easier to write on these subjects. I go back to the posts after having slept and check if there is anything that I missed. Before I had giant posts. Now I’ve just split the giant posts into a few smaller ones, makes it easier to read and to consult.


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