One Ocean View (ABC) Reviewed

This article is part of the meta-post Dreams defined or how New Orleans will be put under the microscope. This article reviews the new reality TV show on ABC called One Ocean View.

This is a new reality series on ABC. It resembles MTV’s The Real World. Though the housemates don’t live together at all times, it follows the lives of a few singles living together on weekends and during the summer whilst pursuing their careers.


There is nothing spectacular about this series, except that it’s in New York. The cast is an eclectic group of professionals. Most disturbing are Lauren and Zack, who used to go out but don’t anymore, though they still have a physical relationship. Lauren seems to enjoy to torture Zack by going out on dates and flirting with men in front of Zack, whilst returning to him during the nights. It is a very disturbing relationship. Usman is funny in how vain he is. He thinks that he is God’s gift to women and shamelessly tries to flirt and pick-up all interesting women.

There is already conflict and romance brewing in the house. We will see how this show will do in the coming weeks.

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It is also part of the meta-post Dreams defined or how New Orleans will be put under the microscope.

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7 responses to “One Ocean View (ABC) Reviewed”

  1. anelka Avatar

    There isnt anybody on the show named Karen or Eric. You’re thinking of Lauren and Zack.

    I heard this week’s episode is really good!

  2. range Avatar

    Sorry about that, I had written this post and had wanted to check that but I totally forgot about that one.

    Thanks for the correction and welcome to The Memoirs.

  3. Lee Avatar

    From the show?

  4. Richard Avatar

    A bunch of scumbags in finance all squeezed into a small house on the ocean. Let’s pray for a tsunami!!!

  5. range Avatar

    Hey Lee and Richard.

    Tsunami in New York? 🙂

  6. loli Avatar

    anelka made her debut slutting it up! lol! and it ended on that. awesome.

  7. range Avatar

    Yeah, it got yanked off the air pretty quickly, just like The One.

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