3000 Words after Wordcamp or how I didn’t watch Rocketboom

This is the meta-post 3000 Words after Wordcamp or how I didn’t watch Rocketboom. This series of posts covers some Big Brother, some TV pilots, some TV reviews, some graphic novels reviews, some essays and more!

And it’s true, I haven’t really had the time to watch Rocketboom or ZeFrank this week. I’ve kept up on Mr Angry’s vlogs, but that’s it.

Today’s featured photographer is kiwibirch. Check out his flickr site.


A British project, the team behind A Swarm of Angels has set out to make a GBP 1 million film and give it away to 1 million people in 1 year. The movie will be ‘open source’, using the flexible digital-age copyright of Creative Commons so people can freely download, share, and remix the feature film.

Jessa Jeffries is back with some more posts on her blog Jessaisms. Remember, she’s the redhead who got dooced a while back! And you that I like redheads (I’m married to one)!


WPressing for Money

WordPress is starting to roll out their paid upgrades. With over 287000 blogs and more being added every day, this was a long time coming. With the testing of upcoming ads and new features being added that will only be available to paying subscribers, are WP blogs become like Blogger from Google? Already only people who pay the fees can customize the cascading style sheets of their blogs.


Will WP be changed forever by subscription services?


Will WP loose influential blogs who decide to leave WP and just run the free WP.org version on their own hosting service?


My guess, the next thing that will appear is domain names, for 10$ a year or something like that. Then ads will appear as well, all over the 287000 blogs. Maybe not, but I get pessimistic sometimes too.

Neutral WordCamp coverage, thanks to Jessica Doyle!

Index of this meta-post, 3000 Words after Wordcamp or how I didn’t watch Rocketboom

  1. Covert One: The Hades Factor reviewed (CBS)
  2. Summer in Montreal
  3. 70’s British Cop shows
  4. Big Brother UK and USA Updates for the 8th of August 2006
  5. The Closer Update (TNT)
  6. Kyle XY: Kyle Got Game Update (ABC Family)
  7. Whistler: Will the real Beck…? (CTV)
  8. Kidnapped TV Pilot Reviewed (NBC)
  9. Three Moons Over Milford Reviewed (ABC Family)
  10. Ultimates Graphic Novels Reviewed (Marvel Comics)
  11. Bone Graphic Novels By Jeff Smith Reviewed (Cartoon Books)
  12. Invincible Comics Reviewed (Image Comics)


* * * * *

Next: Covert One: The Hades Factor reviewed (CBS)

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

5 thoughts on “3000 Words after Wordcamp or how I didn’t watch Rocketboom”

  1. We’ve been testing adsense for over a week now, have they impacted your experience in any way? I would guess not, and any ads we do in the future will be similarly unobtrusive. I hate ads too. 🙂

  2. there’s nothing wrong with paying for services, but i like all the free e-stuff (or even free house, car, plane, boat, wife!?!??! hhhmmm guess the last one cant be free!)
    but wp with ads means i gotta look for another e-home to creep in & write crap, blogger once used to be a nice place now it sucks, i dunno how long would wp remain tolerating, i better pack!
    ps: you didnt write for a while & i thought you’re sick like other bloggers inflenced by mbh- making bloggers homeless- virus, im happy you’re back 😉

  3. Hey Matt!
    No, I was just shocked by the whole idea.

    I don’t really mind ads, but I just wanted to put my concerns out there. Thanks for your comments Matt, how was WordCamp?

    @nothellboyanymore. No I wasn’t sick, but I got an offer on my condo and it’s been a bit hectic. I have still been writing, but I was a bit lazy to post the posts on the blog. I finally did yesterday.

    @Mr Angry: Yeah, I have to catch up on those vlogs. For the moment, I find the quality or Rocketboom a bit unstable. Ze is as good as ever.

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