Kidnapped TV Pilot reviewed (NBC)

This article is part of the meta-post 3000 Words after Wordcamp or how I didn’t watch Rocketboom. This article covers the TV Pilot Kidnapped from NBC.

This is a new drama with Dana Delaney and Timothy Hutton about the son of a high society family getting kidnapped one morning on his way to school with his bodyguard and his driver. I really enjoyed the behavior of the bodyguard Virgil, he acts like a real solo.


Actually the family hires another solo, a specialist in recovering kidnapped victims, to find their son. Things get more dangerous when the FBI comes knocking to investigate Virgil’s disappearance. It looks like the whole season will be spent trying to break the kid away from his kidnappers.


All in all, this was a good pilot, somewhat predictable.

My definition of a solo



A solo is a character class from the RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


A Solo is defined as pretty much a cybernetically enhanced soldier/mercenary, probably with some kind of military experience. He is Combat Aware, which will make him faster and more perceptive in combat situations. A solo is a mercenary, an ex-professional soldier, having participated in a few military campaigns before starting to hire himself out to the highest bidder for bodyguard, assassination and extraction duties. Solos come in all varieties, from ninjas to heavy weapon carrying goons. Each has their own style and finesse. Solos pride themselves in their quickness and alertness in combat situations.


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It is also part of the meta-post 3000 Words after Wordcamp or how I didn’t watch Rocketboom.

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3 thoughts on “Kidnapped TV Pilot reviewed (NBC)”

  1. I am so deeply disappointed regarding the cancellation of Kidnapped. It seems today, shows aren’t given a chance to succeed. Whomever made the decision to cancel the show is clearly not thinking big picture. For those of us, who do not watch serial shows like this and have absolutely fallen in love the not only the plot but the wonderful actors on this show, it is a great disappointement. It is no wonder NBC is doing so poorly.

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