Kyle XY: Kyle Got Game Update (ABC Family)

This article is part of the meta-post 3000 Words after Wordcamp or how I didn’t watch Rocketboom. This article covers an update to the ABC Family show Kyle XY.

This is a quick update on the ongoing events of Kyle XY. In this episode, Kyle starts playing basketball and lands on the team of his high school. Meanwhile, Josh starts a betting pool, counting on the fact that Kyle will win the championship game.


We learn that the dead body is actually Professor Kern, a researcher trying to unlock the potential of memory and the brain. Kyle analyzes the good points and bad points from being in a team. Good because he knows people will have your back, bad when victory clouds your mind and unsuitable sacrifices are made.


Declan and Lori patch things up, whilst Hilary tries to get in between to retaliate against Lori’s accusations from the party. The girlfight last until the end of the episode where they finally make up. Declan gets 50 hours community service for the hit and run incident from a few episodes ago.


Kyle learns about friendship and is frustrated because he seems to have to start over with his dreams, however the episode ends with a fragment of Kyle’s memory, seeing Nicholas Lea’s character shooting Professor Kern.


This show has definitely grown on me. I like the way Kyle discovers the world around and his awe and surprise to the way things are in our lives. Most of these things we take for granted, but it’s interesting to see them from a fresh pair of eyes.


Good new, Kyle XY fans, the show has already been renewed for another season. Great news for this family oriented mystery drama about a boy trying to discover who he is. The initial run was for 10 episodes but ABC ordered another 13. Great for Kyle XY fans.

ABC Family has given a green light to 13 more episodes of breakout summer hit Kyle XY. The series, about a mysterious teenager who acts far younger than he looks, has averaged 2.1 million viewers a week on ABC Family and 4.6 million in its Friday-night repeats on ABC.

USA Network’s Monk is the only cable show that ABC has previously repurposed in its entirety. Alphabet hasn’t said if it is going to continue rerunning Kyle on Fridays after episodes premiere Wednesdays on Family, but since the show consistently wins its time slot, chances are good.

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It is also part of the meta-post 3000 Words after Wordcamp or how I didn’t watch Rocketboom.

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One response to “Kyle XY: Kyle Got Game Update (ABC Family)”

  1. Mir Avatar

    Great, I found your site from my research on KYLE XY.
    Yea well, it’s puzzling me right now.
    Who is KYLE XY? Is he a clone? Flaw or something else?
    Does he have parents? and erm..
    XX is going to be a girl or a boy..It’s a question and it;s a new game for me.

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