Another 3000 Words or How Copyrights Are Creating A Controversy On Chartreuse

This is the meta-post Another 3000 Words or How Copyrights Are Creating A Controversy On Chartreuse. This series of posts covers some Big Brother, some TV reviews, Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds, some essays and more!

Today’s photos come from all over the world. Honorable mentions go to leobalaney, danatteo and zoltron.




I don’t know why, but their servers are super slow today. When this happens, I tend to want to not listen to their vlogs. It has to be laser fast, since I have very high speed internet, I want it to move.


What do dogs dream about?


I’m sure that most dog owners have had his experience, when the sleeping dog starts to move its paws and its ears and its mouth reacting to a dream. This happens a lot with my dog Spike, but today something really strange happened. Spike was doing his gesticulations in his sleep and started yowling. It was really freaky, because at the time, he was in my arms and my lap. I wonder what he was dreaming about. He didn’t seem scared, so I am pretty sure that it was something fun, like playing with his doggy pals or running after some creatures.


Angela’s Eyes


I don’t know if its botox or just an expressionless face, but I am sure that something is up with Abigail Spencer. I am pretty convinced its botox, because her face is too flat. The whole top of her face doesn’t move at all, neither does the rest of it. She can barely smile.

There is another disturbing thing in the character development of this show. In the 1st episode, Angela got to have a new boyfriend. He dumps her by the 3rd episode. Then, she makes a new boyfriend in the 4th episode. Wow, that’s fast. For someone carrying so much baggage, I find it surprising that she is able to go from relationship to relationship without any difficulties. I find that this show would have been a lot better if the writers added parts that exposed her vulnerabilities, her depressions and problems that stemmed from her upbringing. I would have like to see Angela drunk and taking some pills, but no, she is stoic in all situations, it doesn’t matter if it’s criminals or her rollercoaster lovelife.

To read more about Angela’s Eyes, see here.


Wonder where today’s title comes from? There was some controversy created on Chartreuse after a post that some people had some objections too. My favorite part of all this was Jessica Doyle’s suggestion of settling the thing in the wikicourt. I agreed with her on that. This was Char’s response to all this.

Mr Angrys is rocking the boat with his post on meetings.

Index of this meta-post, Another 3000 Words or How Copyrights Are Creating A Controversy On Chartreuse

  1. One Pacific View Redux (ABC)
  2. Eureka Reviewed (Scifi)
  3. Sorted Reviewed (BBC)
  4. Silent Witness: Supernova S10E07-E08 (BBC)
  5. Big Brother UK and USA Update for the 11th of August 2006
  6. Absolution Gap Book Review
  7. Tidbits From Hunters Of Dune
  8. My First Real Estate Experience


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5 responses to “Another 3000 Words or How Copyrights Are Creating A Controversy On Chartreuse”

  1. The Artist Avatar

    The colors in those photos are so special, best wishes, The Artist

  2. K Avatar

    Off topic: I just read your email the other day, apologies for not replying. I understand how you feel on the de-linking issue. I didn’t know someone would react on that. It wasn’t my intention to cause trouble and had no idea “they” were actually upset until I found out, after posting that entry, it was true.

    Keep blogging Range.

  3. range Avatar

    @The Artist: Thanks a bunch, I always look for very beautiful pictures to post here.

    @K Yeah I know. They were completely out of line, honestly. There was a whole email exchange that turned nasty on their part. Really nasty. I don’t know why people get so obsessed and upset over the slightest little things. I do believe in courtesy, honesty and just plain politeness and etiquette. They had none of the above in my book.

    Oh well, I’ve already turned the page on that one.

    BTW, I don’t really mind off-topic comments at all, just speak and say what you want to say. As long as the conversation keeps flowing.

  4. K Avatar

    I can easily ignore people like that.

    For once, whenever I link, I do ask and participate into a comment-conversation and just make friends for every friendly-blogs out there who speaks the same words as I do. For some reason they’d think people who leave comments/linking only generate traffics on our blog. I find it completely absurd.

    The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger”. Eventually as we blog, it will create a healthy following of trusting souls and friends at the same time.

  5. range Avatar

    Yeah man, I get referrers from memediggers, not from comments that I leave at other blogs.

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