Big Brother UK and USA Update for the 11th of August 2006


This post was updated at 22:52 EST on the 11th of August 2006


This article is part of the meta-post Another 3000 words or how copyrights are creating a controversy on Chartreuse. This article gives the updates for the Big Brother shows in the UK and in the USA. This post will be updated later on today when the results of today’s eviction and re-entry are made public for BBUK.

Big Brother UK


In another twist, Richard and Imogen were removed from the house and introduced into the house next door. Only the non evicted housemate will see the other housemates again. Glyn tried to enter the house next door by climbing onto the roof of the BBUK house.


Glyn is moody contemplating his upcoming punishment and Grace got 21 minutes in the main house for her birthday present. Most funny was the confrontation with Aisleyne. It was barely civil. The moose, Aisleyne, was still over analyzing everything or “efferyting” later on in the diary room as usual, having a bit of a cry. The odds are good that Imogen is leaving the house and that Nikki will go into the BBUK house.

As predicted, Imogen was evicted, Aisleyne cried and Nikki got back into the BBUK house. Glyn was punished by not being able to participate in the vote to bring back an ex-housemate. Oh, and Nikki and Pete snogged again.


Big Brother USA


I just can’t believe how Danielle got played this week as head of household. She put her trust in Chilltown and was screwed. During the veto competition, most of the competing housemates went for the prizes. Heck, I would have done the same too. I would have gone for the plasma TV, the trip, the 5000 and the 10000 as well. Chilltown naturally didn’t really care about the competition since they were not nominated. In the end, Kaysar got nominated. And he will probably be evicted this week, because Chilltown will prefer having James in the house than Kaysar.


The Chilltown guys are really adept at manipulating others. They managed to find a scapegoat in Marcellas as they put the blame towards him because they said that he had won the trip and the TV. So they got James convinced of this and a few other housemates. They did this so that they would not be in the targets of the next few heads of households. Brilliant strategy, I’m beginning to like Will and Boogie, even if they are very full of themselves, they do have talents in those arenas. However, I find it stupid that they are playing because they are supposed to be very well off. As with other BB shows, people who are should think twice before playing, because I am sure that in actuality, it is costing money for Will to play this game. His practice must be suffering. As for Boogie, well he’s promoting his restaurants, so that is time well spent.


Kaysar got evicted, by a vote of 5-1, with James nullifying correctly Janelle’s vote, not that it mattered. Erica got HoH, it was a close call between her and James.

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It is also part of the meta-post Another 3000 words or how copyrights are creating a controversy on Chartreuse.

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