Tidbits from Hunters Of Dune

This article is part of the meta-post Another 3000 words or how copyrights are creating a controversy on Chartreuse. This article gives a few details of the upcoming book in the Dune universe Hunters Of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson which will be published on the 22nd of August 2006.

The main reason why I am rereading them is the upcoming release of Hunters of Dune.


Here is a short review of the upcoming novel. Hunters of Dune will appear in stores on the 22nd of August 2006. Sandworms of Dune will come out next year.


From Publishers Weekly
After two prequel trilogies to the legendary SF epic (the Legends of Dune and Prelude to Dune series), Frank Herbert’s son Brian, in collaboration with Anderson, launch a new trilogy that takes up where Herbert Sr. left off with Chapterhouse: Dune (1985). This entertaining if over-the-top update begins three years after the refugee “no-ship,” Ithaca, has fled Chapterhouse and the brutal Honored Matres, a corrupted faction of the all-female Bene Gesserit order led by Mother Commander Murbella. Duncan Idaho, Murbella’s ex-love slave, guides the ship carrying reincarnated warrior Miles Teg, the dissident Rev. Mother Sheeana and 150 other refugees. While Murabella deals with violent rebels from within, another more sinister enemy, Omnius of the Synchronized Empire, secretly infiltrates the Honored Matres and other challengers with shapeshifting Face Dancers as he plots humanity’s destruction and the ascendance of a civilization of machines. Using genetic material, the refugees begin recreating historical Dune legends, including Paul Muad’Dib and Lady Jessica, setting the stage for the long-foretold battle at the end of the universe. Herbert’s ecological and religious concerns now seem oddly prescient, but this sizzling update, still filled with crazed women who sexually enslave men, sometimes borders on campy 1950s B-movie parody.


I guess that the Butlerian Jihad served as a pedestal to seed the storylines of the upcoming books. I found this artifice somewhat lagging in ingenuity. After 10000 years, the machines are back. We know now, because Omnius send out deep space probes from when Geidi Prime was a Synchronized World, to all corners of the galaxy. Somehow, I find this distasteful. Even more distasteful is the return of Muad’hib, Lady Jessica and others. This is just plain wrong. In the current chronology, they died thousands of years ago and I do not think that Frank Herbert wanted them to return, even if they could. The characters have been explored in depth before and there is no need for them. I think that the cast of Duncan Idah, Miles Teg, Reverend Mother Sheena and others should have been enough of Herbert and Anderson. Well, we will see how it all turns out in two weeks.

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It is also part of the meta-post Another 3000 words or how copyrights are creating a controversy on Chartreuse.

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8 responses to “Tidbits from Hunters Of Dune”

  1. Mr Angry Avatar

    That sound you hear is of cash registers going ca-ching! The one and only reason that book was written and published. As an aside have you notice WordPress’ new beta feature on the dashboard for “Related Posts”? I checked it out and it link me to you. Too cool!

  2. range Avatar

    Hey man that rocks. I totally agree about the ca-ching phenomenon with Herbert and Anderson. The books are good. But nothing more. The original books are phenonemal, especially Chapterhouse Dune and Heretics of Dune. It’s just too bad that Frank Herbert died before he could complete the 7th novel in the series. I am somewhat disturbed by the turn of events that the son and his friend have started.

  3. Mentatoh Avatar

    *chanting*Pi-ter! Pi-ter! Pi-ter! I *so* want Piter de Vries to make a return for this one!! Thanks for the posting this juicy tidbit and setting my mind in motion! 😀 You should see Children of Dune, the miniseries, it has very nice visuals and soundtrack 🙂

  4. range Avatar

    I’ve seen it. I still prefer the movie. The costumes is the mini series are terrible. I am rereading The Machine Crusade. I have to say that it’s somewhat damming. Not as good as I remembered. I’m publishing my review in a few days.

  5. Mentatoh Avatar

    Piter de Vries looks like a nutcracker 😛

  6. range Avatar

    He is. And he’s dead. Maybe he’ll come back as well. I just finished The Machine Crusade and the novel suffers from the same problems as The Butlerian Jihad.

  7. Mentatoh Avatar

    I really disliked it how the descendants of the Butler family (especially the males) have similar characteristics, it nearly drove me bat-crazy! But at least Erasmus makes it gruesomely entertaining 😛

  8. range Avatar

    Yeah, I didn’t like the new books that much. My review is pretty negative. I still reread them in a few days, so at least there’s that. But not a lot more. I am finishing my reread of The Battle Of Corrin, almost a quarter through. It’s better than the other books.

    Here’s a quick link to my review. I’ll review The Machine Crusade next.

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