4134 Words Or How The Writers Of The New Dune Novels Sold Out

This is the meta-post 4134 Words Or How The Writers Of The New Dune Novels Sold Out. This series of posts covers some Big Brother, some TV reviews, Legends Of Dune: Butlerian Jihad review, some essays and more!

Today’s photos come from all over the place. Honorable mentions go to crayzy rayRikki_’s pictures from Iceland and Mary Gold.

Ok, first of all just a quick note to say that I did enjoy the Legends Of Dune series the first time I read them a few years ago. I have not reread them until this month. I am actually in the midst of the last Legends Of Dune book, The Battle Of Corrin. One positive thing to mention is that they always get better. However, like many Dune fans, I find some of the artistic liberties and writing that they have done problematic. In the past, for the last trilogy, I was satisfied to see the improvements. This time, the gap is just too huge to comprehend.

Not to say that there aren’t some good points in this series. However, I am quite critical of the authors in this review, so if you don’t want to read my words, feel free. I dissect some of the major problems of the book and analyze them.


On The Lack Of Updates


I’ve been having headaches for the last few days. I don’t know if it’s the painkiller pills that are past due or something else, but I have had a headache that never really goes away. It’s gotten a lot better today, in fact that is why I’m posting this update. Because since Sunday, I have not been feeling too well. One good thing about this whole episode is that I have some new material for my Architecture Of Pain series.

Spike is feeling quite well, his potty training is progressing quite well. French Bulldogs are a pain to potty train. We made the error of letting the dog use our porch last year and ever since, it has been hell. Since February, I have been no longer letting him use this and have been taking him out for regular walks. It works out quite well, that is until you remember how long it takes him to do his number twos.


Other than that, things are good. The condo is sold and I’m looking forward to seeing my wife in a few short weeks. I have also been somewhat busy with work and a few other things. I’m just trying to work everything up before I leave for BC.



Linkage And Varia


One Pacific View (ABC) has been cancelled as of last week. The show was similar to The Real World (MTV) but didn’t get enough viewers to justify its summer season. With The One (ABC) this is one of the errors of the Alphabet network. This excludes some of their hits like Kyle XY(ABC Family).


Index of this meta-post, 4134 Words Or How The Writers Of The New Dune Novels Sold Out

  1. Big Brother Updates for the 16th of August 2006
  2. Work Out Review and Recap (Bravo)
  3. The Black Donnellys TV Pilot Reviewed (NBC)
  4. Brotherhood Review, Updates and Recaps (Showtime)
  5. Blade The Series Revisited (Spike)
  6. Silent Witness Schism Review and Recap (BBC)
  7. Legends Of Dune: The Butlerian Jihad By Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson Reviewed
  8. Ultimate Fantastic Four Comic Books Reviewed (Marvel)
  9. Dog Fight


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4 responses to “4134 Words Or How The Writers Of The New Dune Novels Sold Out”

  1. Mr Angry Avatar

    Hope you feel better soon Range, those persistent headaches really suck.

  2. range Avatar

    Yeah, I’m doing good. It’s probably a mix of stress and a few other things. I’m actually writing a post about it. I’ll post it in a few days.

  3. K Avatar

    Moving can be very stressful, physically at most. No wonder you didn’t update for a few days. Once you settled in, you gonna be feeling more tired. Take a short break and forget blogging for a while. We can understand that.

    Maybe too much watching of that Big Brother show? Take it easy range.

  4. range Avatar

    Maybe, I don’t know I’ve cut down on that though. I know that moving is stressful. I think that part of the dull headaches I have been getting is my lack of caffeine. I stopped drinking my Orange Pekoe teas on Sunday, so that is probably part of the problem.

    One of the main reasons why I have a dog is for companionship. With my wife on the other side of the country, I am quite glad to have Spike. Also, I just wanted to mention that even if I don’t update the blog daily, I do write daily. Normally before I used to write about 1000 words a day in a post. Now, every meta-post has about 2500-4300 words in it and is published twice a week. So thats even more than before. I have already got another 3000 words on a variety of subjects written for my next update.
    Cheers K!

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