Blade The Series Revisited (Spike)


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This article is part of the meta-post 4134 Words Or How The Writers Of The New Dune Novels Sold Out. This article revisits the new show Blade The Series based on the movies and comic books from Marvel Comics on Spike. You can read my initial impressions of the show here.

In this week’s episode, Blade revisits his past, his genesis into a daywalker and his meeting of Whistler. People that he knew in his childhood are being killed by a person in his gang. From the store manager to the detective that helped him when he was a kid, we learn that his father was killed by a robber that Blade was trying to stop and that his mother went into hiding after he fled from the scene.


Krista is healing up nicely after having her injuries “faked” by Blade. She had lost one of her hands and had a large gash that ruined one of her eyes. Last episode, she recuperated the serum that was incubating in the girl’s womb for Marcus but not before she gave a portion of it to Blade. Charlotte, head of the House of Cathar, is still investigating Marcus’s activities and the Aurora vaccine that is supposed to make vampires invulnerable to the normal flaws like silver and garlic. Krista is going to be investigated by Charlotte’s agent. Krista’s mom is in critical condition.


Blade thought that his father was dead but he just returned into town two months ago. Shen and Blade find out that Steppin’ Razor is the one behind the slayings. The sequence in which Krista got more serum from Blade’s safe was pretty good. I think this show is actually getting better. I didn’t think that much of it at the beginning, but every episode, the quality of the show as well as the writing is getting a lot better.


And vampires are cool.

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It is also part of the meta-post 4134 Words Or How The Writers Of The New Dune Novels Sold Out.

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