Brotherhood Review, Updates and Recaps (Showtime)

This article is part of the meta-post 4134 Words Or How The Writers Of The New Dune Novels Sold Out. This article gives a review and recap as well as an update of the TV show Brotherhood on Showtime.

This tells the story of two brothers, one a representative in the legislature and another one a gangster returning home after 7 years absence and who was presumed dead. It also tells the story of their families. It takes place in Providence Rhode Island.


Tommy Caffee’s wife plays the perfect housewife. However under the poised exterior lies a despair that is untapped. She is having an affair for some years and is deeply unhappy. Mike is trying to reestablish his position in the neighborhood by wheeling and dealing his way back in the local scene. His violence and unabashed rage make for compelling scenes where he tries to get back into his gang.


Declan Giggs is an old friend of the brothers and has the unpleasant duty of being on the other side of the law of Michael Caffe, having to shadow and follow him to monitor the situation in the Irish mob.


Rose is the matriarch of the family, still trying to influence her boys. This show, even if it sounds similar to the Black Donnellys is quite different. It shows influence peddling and how local politics work in the USA.


I like this show as well, a very strong and well thought out show. It’s supposed to premiere on CBS, though under what form I don’t know, since it has some violence and nudity.

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It is also part of the meta-post 4134 Words Or How The Writers Of The New Dune Novels Sold Out.

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8 responses to “Brotherhood Review, Updates and Recaps (Showtime)”

  1. Del Demeri Avatar
    Del Demeri

    who plays the part of Michael’s girlfriend, she seems to overact a bit or is she supposed to be mad at the world?

  2. range Avatar

    I haven’t been able to find that one out after a search. Maybe check out the showtime website, to see if the full cast is credited. She is pretty young, looks about 20 years old.

    She does overreact abit, still the show is quite impressive.

  3. range Avatar

    Hey Del, I gotta name for ya!

    Shannon, the single earlobed female, Mikey’s girlfriend is played by Susan Scott “Scottie” Thompson. She graduated from Harvard in 2005.

  4. Joe Avatar

    Who plays Kath Pary Micheal olfd girl friend

  5. range Avatar

    Hi Joe, no profanity allowed on this blog.

    No need to be uncivilized, the reason why I didn’t answer is because I don’t know. When you posted your question I checked the official website, imdb and and did not find any credit for the role of Kath Parry. You’ll have to wait, just like one-lobed-girl Shannon, it takes time for the screen credit to appear. It took actually 7 episodes before Shannon’s credit was posted on imdb.

  6. Michele Avatar

    On the episode (most recent) “Ecclesiastes 7:2”, I have been trying to find the song played on the end of the show while the credits were running & cannont locate it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  7. Fordham Avatar

    Kath’s girlfriend’s name is Tina Benko. If she seems to over-act, it’s because she does much of her work on the stage, and thus has a more intense presence. She was my instructor for a semester at Fordham University. She’s quite brilliant actually…

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