Silent Witness Schism Review and Recaps (BBC)


This article was updated on the 17th of August 2006 @ 07:03 AM


This article is part of the meta-post 4134 Words Or How The Writers Of The New Dune Novels Sold Out. This article gives a review and recap of this week’s Silent Witness shows on BBC.

This week had another series of excellent shows on Silent Witness. It’s funny that I as actually reading up on terrorist cells, like Baader-Meinhof, ALF and others. I like the concept of phantom leadership and leaderless resistance. This week, a series of murders appears connected to an extremist animal liberation organization.


Kids belonging to it turn up dead and Nikki Alexander and Harry Cunningham investigate. The episode also caps off with Harry thinking about accepting a Chair of Pathology in a Boston University. Nikki finds the note in his GTI. Harry guesses because of the frost in their last few conversations that she found out. He talks to Leo about it. Nikki is just upset because they just started a relationship.


The case is a myriad of investigations, between Criminal Intelligence and the normal DI’s investigating in tandem. The CI boys are there because of the terrorist connections to the WAE. One of the witnesses Claire Ashern played by Jemima Rooper clams up and doesn’t say a word until the second episode.


Jemima Rooper is in a lot of series recently. She has been in Hex, playing a lesbian ghost. She also appeared in an episode of Sugar Rush, playing a lesbian. She is currently starring in Sinchronicity (BBC Whales) and now has played in Silent Witness.


The storyline surprises me with the actual abduction of Dr Alexander towards the end of the ninth episode. She spends time with the extremist and we learn that they had stolen some lab animals from a biological research firm and started being murdered afterwards.


Leo is testifying in a hearing of a colleague suspended for having kept biological samples of a patient’s brain matter. He testifies as a character witness and is pressured by the briefs to fully support his colleague. In the end, he does what is right.


There are spoilers coming up, since this is a recap.


The firm is actually researching H5N1 vaccines and the animals have a tie to this and are very important to their research. They have contacted someone in the government, possible MI5 or some intelligence organization, to help them secure the animals. They send a torturer spook to get the information out of the extremists. One by one, he captures them, tortures them and kills them to get to the animals.


In the end, Dr Alexander is rescued; most of the terrorists end up dead and the agent accomplishes his mission and disappears thanks to CI. This is another series of excellent episodes with surprising twists. We still don’t know if Dr Cunningham will stay on or leave. I guess this will be shown in the next season of Silent Witness.

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It is also part of the meta-post 4134 Words Or How The Writers Of The New Dune Novels Sold Out.

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