Blade The Series Revisted Again (Spike)

This article is part of the meta-post 4169 Words Mostly Mine or How George Allen Is A Racist Biggot. This article gives an update, recap and review of this week’s episode of Blade The Series on Spike.

Last week’s episode ended in a cliffhanger, when Krista was trying to turn her mother, Charlotte’s informant interrupted her because she was investigating her. A superb fight between the two female vampires gets interrupted by the FBI copper who was discovering the fact that vampires exist.


I have missed you.


I haven’t thought of you once.

An exchange between Chase and her ex-lover.


Chase rekindles with an old pureblood lover. She manipulates him in order to test Marcus’s new viral vampyric infection pathogen. It works and it proves that purebloods can be killed and aren’t immortal. The pathogen only infects purebloods. This is what Marcus was working on, a way to destroy all purebloods and let the turned vampires rule the houses.


The rest of the episode centers around the search for the newly turned mother of Krista. A lot of people die because of her and at the end, the serum doesn’t work for her and Krista has to kill her.


The episode was more of a mop-up of last episode’s consequences as well as some juicy information about Marcus’s plans for purebloods.

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It is also part of the meta-post 4169 Words Mostly Mine or How George Allen Is A Racist Biggot.

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