Raines TV Pilot Review (NBC)

This article is part of the meta-post 4169 Words Mostly Mine or How George Allen Is A Racist Biggot. This article gives a review on the new supernatural themed drama Raines on NBC with Jeff Goldblum.

This is another leaked pilot from NBC. It’s described as a science-fiction drama. God knows what that means, I bet those studio execs call Ghost Whisperer a science-fiction drama. More like a soap-opera, ghost style. If you compare it to Medium with Patricia Arquette, I would say that Medium is the better show and Ghost Whisperer is a brain fart, but then again, the shows appeal to different audiences. This season is seeing a lot of somewhat supernatural-esque cop shows, from Angela’s Eyes to Psych.


Jeff Goldblum is the star of this show. He plays a detective that is haunted by murder victims that he is investigating. The pilot plays on 1950’s music and ambiance, which is peculiar and interesting. There is some confusion going on about if he is haunted or if he is hallucinating about the victims.


The 1st case that he is investigating is the death of a young girl that turns out to be a prostitute with somewhat of a sordid past. The photography is beautiful in this pilot, the way that the transitions from light to dark are quite effective. Raines knows Aikido and he uses in funny ways. Naturally, I like Jeff Goldblum as an actor.

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It is also part of the meta-post 4169 Words Mostly Mine or How George Allen Is A Racist Biggot.

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8 responses to “Raines TV Pilot Review (NBC)”

  1. T Smith Avatar
    T Smith

    I am interested in seeing this show. When is the first episode?

  2. range Avatar

    Hello and Welcome To The Memoirs.

    The 1st episode of Raines is set to premiere on January 7th 2007, on NBC. The show is scheduled for Sundays at 10PM.

  3. Sarah Avatar

    Thank you god I could not find when it was anywhere not even at NBC.com I was getting upset… I just kept wondering when and when will it be on… Got to Love Jeff Goldblum!

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