Saved Update and Recap (TNT)

This article is part of the meta-post 4169 Words Mostly Mine or How George Allen Is A Racist Biggot. This article gives a recap on the last few episodes of Saved, a paramedical drama on TNT.

This is a new show that follows The Closer on Mondays on TNT. As stated before, it follows on HBO’s and Showtime’s broadcasting philosophy, there is some nudity, not a lot of violence, but some gory stuff since it involves paramedics.


The show is in its tenth episode this week. One of the main things that we discovered is that Alice had an abortion just after leaving Wyatt. She didn’t tell him that it was his baby and this resurfaces after her mother, a manic-depressive shows up. Wyatt now understands why they broke up. Wyatt also gets to see his father in action in surgery. Also, the paramedical company that Wyatt works for has been bought by LifeShield. A new manager that Wyatt hates is brought in. Wyatt almost gets fired, but the manager recognizes Wyatt’s innate talents as a paramedic and lets him stay on. No more coffee in the lounge, only smartdrinks. Sack’s kid, Damien, also gets enrolled in a special private school for gifted students. What Wyatt didn’t tell Sack is that his family sponsored Damien. They have a fight in mud over this, it’s really funny. They end up covered in mud.


We also meet the whole Cole family, his brother that can not meet the expectations of his father, his mother and a lot of details about his relationship with his father. I know that this part touches me a lot, because I feel that most males have had problems with their relationship with their fathers. Normally, relationships with their mothers are easier, but with fathers it’s different. Meeting the expectations of the fathers is never easy.


The main difference between this show and other paramedic shows like Third Watch, is that Saved takes a more character based approach. It focuses on the lives and tribulations of the characters instead of always concentrating on giant accidents and fires for distractions. Wyatt Cole’s life is totally messed up and he finds that the crazy pace of his life as a paramedic helps him save himself from his inner demons. Also, there are these sequences that I call The Pulse, in which we see why the people end up in the position that they are. They only last a few seconds, but are very informative. It’s like your life is flashing before your eyes.


I find that saving lives is one of the most important functions in our society, be it by police officers, doctors, paramedics, firefighters or others. Without them, countless lives would be lost every single year. I don’t know if this is said and remembered enough.


The best episode until now was the 9th episode entitled Triage where Wyatt and Sack saved the baby of a pregnant RN named Jill by emergency C-Section. I also like how the patients are not local to one episode. They are present in more than one consecutive episode and you can see the evolution.


It’s funny that the father of baby that they delivered in the last episode is suing Wyatt, Sack, LifeShield, the hospital and a bunch of other people and institutions.


It’s also funny how people can be brought back to life with shocks.

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It is also part of the meta-post 4169 Words Mostly Mine or How George Allen Is A Racist Biggot.

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