The Architecture Of Pain: Aches and Pains

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I have always wondered why neck pain becomes a headache later on. It’s like the pain travels upward. And one thing that I’ve noticed with those types of headaches is that painkillers don’t work on them. So you either ice them down or take a sleep.


I have been analyzing the way my neck and head have been aching for the last few days. It’s actually gone right now, so I’m happy that one of the solutions that I was working on finally panned out.


  1. I wasn’t eating right so maybe I got some aches because of that
  2. Then painkiller was past the expiration date and gave me more headaches
  3. I hadn’t drunk my tea in 3 days, so maybe it was caffeine withdrawal.


I corrected those situations today by not using any painkillers, eating good hearty meals all day and drinking my tea. It kind of worked, because when I woke up from a nap, I was feeling a lot better. Yes, when I have a headache, I take a nap hoping that by the time I wake up, the pain will be gone.


One thing is for sure, is that those types of pains aren’t specific or acute, they have a duller quality. They drain you because they are constant and each heartbeat reminds you of the pain.


When I was younger, I used to get muscle pain in my legs. I still do from time to time. I think that when I was training earlier this year, it had almost completely stopped, but I had other pains from working out. Foot aches and some knee aches but they got better when I changed shoes. That is one of the reasons I stopped running, just to let my body heal up a bit before starting up again. I used to hate running. But now I don’t mind. I can run 16-20km per week without any problems. It is very relaxing to do this.


I think that pain is one of the main ways that we know that we are still alive. Not that I enjoy pain at all, I like pleasure a lot more, but still, nothing reminds you that you are alive as much as feeling some pain.


There is also good pain, like the dull pains you feel after a run in your body, the way that your muscles throb in a pleasurable way, knowing that you worked them out good.

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