Vanished TV Premiere Review (Fox)

This article is part of the meta-post 4169 Words Mostly Mine or How George Allen Is A Racist Biggot. This article gives a review of the upcoming TV show Vanished on Fox. The show is supposed to air on the 21st of August 2006.

This is the story about a Georgia senator’s wife named Collins who gets abducted from a social function. I guess this is Fox’s version of Kidnapped from NBC, because the premise is quite similar. A person disappears and a solo is hired or tasked to find them. In this case, it’s the FBI and a couple of agents are tasked to find her. A few minutes into the show, it is announced that the Senator’s daughter is also missing. It’s a fluke because she’s just hanging out with her boyfriend.


Judy Nash, played exquisitely by Rebecca Grayheart, whom I remember fondly from Earth 2… (what is it with these hot Earth 2 chicks appearing all over the place? First it was Debrah Farantino in Eureka and now Rebecca Grayheart. But I digress. Back to the subject at had. ) Judy Nash is an in your face reporter who has a sordid history with Agent Kelton, the lead investigator on this case.


How are you going to make him talk?

I have a way with younger men.

Judy Nash played by Rebecca Grayheart to her cameraman.


The production values of this show are quite superb. There is beautiful cinematography and shots of the city. I don’t find the main lead actor very strong. It turns out that Sara Collins met with the Senator’s ex-wife the day before she was abducted.

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It is also part of the meta-post 4169 Words Mostly Mine or How George Allen Is A Racist Biggot.

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10 responses to “Vanished TV Premiere Review (Fox)”

  1. Nenah Lynn Michelle Avatar
    Nenah Lynn Michelle

    I am hooked , I like the suggestion of centuries secrets and the the cliff hanger , I dated that girl her name was Nikki , what that all about

    Why is the senator’s son not telling his dad that he is meeting with his mother , since they found that woman dead does that eman Sarah is dead

  2. range Avatar

    About the girl Nikki, well maybe Sara Collins isn’t her real identity. Maybe she is an identity thief.

    There is a sort of conspiracy going on between the son and his mother, though we aren’t sure of the extent of it. I don’t think that Sara is dead yet, though she might be by the end of the series.

    A lot of mysteries to uncover, I agree. I will stay tuned.

  3. Pritty Avatar

    The kidnapping from 10 yrs or so ago must be linked as well. I would say that Nikki stole Sara Collins identity. But then the parents of Sara collins come in…are they playing along as well??

  4. range Avatar

    Yes probably, a lot of questions have been put forth with the premiere. I guess we will have to stay tuned to find out the rest.

    I don’t know about Sara Collins’ parents though, they seemed very unsympathetic to the Senator.

  5. pat Avatar

    I love seeing Gale Harold on this show..he’s hot and he’s talented…i’ll be watching as long as he is there…I hope we see much more about his character and the history of his character too.

  6. range Avatar

    He’s not that bad, he character is a bit in your face. I don’t mind Ming-Na either.

  7. Tena Avatar

    Ok, was looking forward to the next episode but it seems to have “vanished” from my TIVO list. Is it cancelled already???

  8. jerry Avatar

    When is this show going to be aired in australia

  9. eve Avatar

    vanished rocks
    the writer is creative, director brillient, characters cool, wishi could meet the writer

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