The Winner Of BBUK 7 Is Pete!


This article was update on the 20th of August 2006 @ 6:26 PM


So the winner of Big Brother UK is Pete! Check out this recap of the last two days in the BBUK leading up to the penultimate eviction night that took place tonight!

Aisleyne totally estranged herself from the house by blundering the speech writing and campaigning task by blundering and pretending to be shy and not being able to do it for Pete. All the house was upset with her behavior and Aisleyne just managed to make her look like a selfish bitch.


Nikki is going to have her own TV show starting on August 25th on E4. It’s called Princess Nikki and will follow her daily tribulations. Will Pete be included? Also, we don’t see Aisleyne in a thong anymore, we see Nikki in a thong, a few times this week. Nikki was a bit pissed when she saw the vid of Aisleyne and Pete snogging. This was during the awards task. This was a great task because it stirred up animosity between the housemates on the day before the final too. Nikki had a tantrum because she didn’t win an award for herself. This was aggravating everyone, especially Jennie.


Jennie finished in 6th place. This was totally unsurprising. Nikki finished in 5th place, which is a bit surprising. I think that Jennie put on some weight, because before she went into the house, she had the shadows of a 6 pack in her abs. Now, it’s a bit of a pot belly. Well, maybe not that bad, but still. It’s funny how the girls in BB always put on weight in the house and the boys all loose weight. It probably has to do with the fact that the sexes see food in different ways and different functions. My hypothesis is that women enjoy comfort food more than men, though this had not been demonstrated. I’ve seen this in BBUSA and BBAU this year as well, though Howie in BBUSA has gained a lot of weight too.


I find the whole thing about Pete and his friend coming down from heaven to tell him that he will win BBUK a bit stupid. How bad is this, it’s good to have beliefs, but the delusions of a Tourretti Celebrity are a bit too much. Since Pete is pretty intelligent, I wonder if this is part of his strategy to win? Now Pete is propping himself up for a disappointment if he doesn’t win, though this seems unlikely because he is still the favorite to win, followed by Aisleyne and Glyn.


Out of all the housemates, I think that Nikki got the best deal. Aisleyne is so ugly with her mouth wide open. She is somewhat prettier when she is laughing. With her TV show coming up later in the month and magazine spreads and etc, Nikki has made a career out of her BBUK experience. I like the fact that she has gotten a lot of boos. I can’t wait to see Aisleyne’s exit from the house, I hope people throw things at her. I don’t know why, but it’s fun to vilify her. Nikki is putting up a good act, she is such a faker. She pretended that she was dazed, confused and shocked by her reception by the crowd.


Richard finished 4th. And Aisleyne’s mouth is still open. Richard got the most cheers until now, with no almost no boos. I think one of Russel Brand’s best impressions is of Richard trying to strike a pose to Vogue from Madonna. It’s was fun to see Sha-bang giving Richard the thumbs down.


Aisleyne finished 3rd. Until now, this was the only surprise. We have known for some time that BBUK was in the hands of Glyn and Pete. Her attire for the evening just plain sucked. She had on a very long décolleté showing off her fake boobs, each of them in a different postal code. She got the most boos of BBUK S07.


And the winner is Pete!


The Touretti Celebrity!


Glyn got a celebratory note from his PM.


Pete had quite a few problems leaving the house! His tourette’s was acting up. Wankers!


I’m going to miss the blue whale from BBBM. It was a good season. It was my first BBUK and I liked it. It’s interesting to compare BBAU and BBUSA to BBUK. I find that BBAU had somewhat more money invested into it and its look was great. The twists in BBUK were way better. BBUSA doesn’t really compare, as mentioned before the format doesn’t match up to standards.


Pete and Nikki are no longer together! After the show, Pete elected to stay with his family especially his mum, whom he gave the £100000 to pay for her mortgage. Don’t worry about Pete, he is in a midst of a million quid bidding war between major labels including EMI for a contract for Daddy Fantastic. He is also in discussion for a chat show and other ventures.

He is quoted to have said that his mom is the most important person to him right now, Nikki isn’t. His friends have said that Nikki’s talk about marriage might have scared him away.

Also, Nikki has revealed that she has been an escort girl in the past. IMHO, escort girl = nice way of saying prostitute, but what do I know? It has been mentioned that she threw a hissy fit of a temper tantrum when informed that Pete would not be spending the night with her. Pete threw together a party for friends and family that did not include Nikki. My guess is that he listened to his mom’s advice and decided to stay the hell away from Nikki.

People have been criticizing Endemol and Channel 4 for including vulnerable personalities in the BBUK house, including Pete, Nikki, Sha-bang and Sam the tranny [OK, he’s a cross-dresser and looks like Shrek]. Nikki acted like she was flabergasted as she exited the house for the 2nd time. The boos drove her insane.

Update 2

It looks like there are rumors surfacing that Endemol cancelled the Princess Nikki show late on Friday, after they saw her reaction on live TV to her 2nd eviction. Also, her disclosures about being a hooker must not have helped. From what has been reported, Pete will probably have a chat show or a reality TV show in the coming months, as well as a million dollar contract deal for his band Daddy Fantastic.

From The People:

While smitten Nikki, 24, was already talking about marriage, Pete announced he regarded her only as a mate – and felt closer to his MUM.

His shock admission will be a crushing blow for the besotted blonde who told The People yesterday as she breakfasted in a hotel 15 miles apart from her lover: “I wish Pete was here.”

But she won’t be seeing him until tomorrow night’s end-of-BB7 party

Musician Pete, 24, who romped passionately for five hours with Nikki when she was voted back into the house, suddenly changed his tune after winning the £100,000 first prize.

The Tourette’s sufferer from Brighton, East Sussex, said: “Nikki’s so different to me. All I’m thinking about now is being friends with her. I’ve not even thought about marrying Nikki. I’m not sure if I’m even in to marriage.”


And he admitted: “Mum is more important than any money or Nikki. It’s all about my mum.”

To add to the bad news for fifth-placed Nikki, she had to go to hospital in agony yesterday because she sprained an ankle when she tripped during her after-show interview with Davina McCall.

Earlier Nikki, who spent the first night out of the house in the Crown Moran hotel in Cricklewood, north London while her lover was at posh Sopwell House hotel in St Albans, Herts, gushed: “I don’t want to scare Pete off but yes, I’ve definitely thought about marriage.

“I’m hoping Pete’s feelings are genuine and he feels the same way as he said he did when we were in the house.”

But Pete’s best pal Sarah Feleppa said: “He possibly does love her as a mate but I’m not convinced it’s more than that. Sorry Nikki.

“If she keeps saying she wants to marry him he’ll run a mile.”

Nikki is also blissfully unaware that her new lover is not quite the cuddly character he appeared to be in the house. As revealed by The People last week, he has PERFORMED a squalid sex act in public with a transvestite, INDULGED in three-in-a-a-bed orgies and SNORTED mind-bending drugs so heavily that he ended up in hospital.

Another friend of Pete told The People: “Nikki had better be prepared for a bit of a shock – Pete was just playing a game. He really cares about her as a friend but that’s it really.”

Pete threw a party for family and friends who had travelled to congratulate him – but there was no invite for Nikki.

A Channel 4 insider said: “It would have been the perfect chance to spend a first night together away from the cameras but they chose not to.

“Nikki was gushing about her love for Pete but he talked about being friends. It looks like she’s facing heartbreak.”

Singer Pete, who has a band called Daddy Fantastic, dedicated his win to his mum Anne who brought him up singlehandedly after splitting from his dad.

He said: “I’m going to give the money to my mum. It means nothing to me. Mum’s been there for me since I was little, struggling through as a single mum.”

But Pete can now expect to rake in a multi-million pound fortune. He’s been inundated with lucrative chat-show deals and his band are set to be the subject of a £1 million bidding war from top labels.

Nikki faces a less predictable future.

A BB source said yesterday: “The truth is Nikki’s probably become as famous as she ever will be.”

From News Of The World:

SHAMED Big Brother vice girl Nikki Grahame has sensationally revealed that Pete Doherty paid her £500 for sex…but was too drugged up to do it.

She described how the junkie rocker—lover of supermodel Kate Moss—booked her through an upmarket escort agency just weeks before the show began.

The blonde BB screamer said: “I ended up snogging Pete but we didn’t have full sex. He was so wasted on drugs he wasn’t capable of anything more.”

Model Nikki, 24, who came fifth on Big Brother, wants to marry winner Pete—but that dream looks impossible now that she has confessed to working as a £500-an-hour vice girl in an exclusive interview with the News of the World.

She told how she joined an escort agency called Carmen’s Secrets, which has dozens of half-naked girls on its books, charging £500 an hour and up to £2,500 for an overnight stay.


Working under the name Bonnie, Nikki admitted going on three jobs—one of them with Babyshambles frontman Doherty, who was dating Kate Moss.

She sobbed: “Yes, I worked as an escort girl and it is something I’m incredibly ashamed about.

“I made a big, big mistake—one I will regret for the rest of my life. The only consolation I have is that I didn’t have sex with any of the clients.

“Doherty was my first booking. He often used the agency. I went round to a flat in London. It was a complete s***hole—full of other druggies playing guitars and just hanging out.

“I was there for several hours. Pete looked just as you would imagine. He was really roughed up and had dirty fingernails. He strummed his guitar and we talked for hours.

“Pete was completely out of it. It was not a pleasant experience and I felt horrible afterwards.

“Having said that, it’s not every day you’re being paid £500 to sit in the same room as an international rock star.

“He didn’t mention Kate. He paid me £500 in cash and also gave me some extra money for my cab home.”

Loudmouth Nikki was famous on Big Brother for her screaming ab-dabs and her memorable “Who IS she?” tantrum in the Diary Room. She was originally kicked out of the House with the highest-ever percentage eviction vote.

But she was voted back in as part of the controversial Channel 4 plan to spice up the series and starred in the Final show watched by more than 8 million viewers.

Click here for an x-rated Big Brother slideshow

Nikki confessed: “I went on two other dates with clients from Carmen’s Secrets. But I didn’t have sex. One of the men was disabled. I had to go to his flat and talk to him for a couple of hours. With the last man things turned nasty. I thought I had gone to see him just to talk, as I had done with the others. But he clearly wanted sex.

“He tried to get on top of me on the bed and almost forced himself on me. But I managed to get off and get out of there safely. It was a scary moment and I decided I had to get out of escorting fast.

“My mum Sue also found out what I had been doing and went mad at me. It was complete madness and I instructed that my name be taken off the site.

“I had made a terrible error and I gave up escorting for good. It was a complete nightmare.”

Nikki revealed she became embroiled in the world of vice after bumping into a madam at London’s trendy Chinawhite club in March.

She said: “A woman asked if I’d like to get involved in corporate escort work. I know I sound hopelessly naive, but it seemed an easy way to make cash.

“She told me she had rich business clients who would pay good money just to spend time with pretty young girls.

“The woman said that it was simply escorting work. I really thought that it was a business arrangement along those lines and not prostitution.


“I said ‘Yes’. But If you look at the website, it looks like it’s meant for prostitution. I just didn’t research it all fully. Everyone knows how dizzy I can be.

“I did a lingerie photoshoot and those pictures were put up on the site.

“But I went up on the site as Bonnie. I wasn’t aware that I had been listed under a false name. I later learned that they described me as having Britain’s Best Bottom. They said I was perfectly pert and very, very peachy. They said I was dainty, busty and very pretty, an absolute angel.

“I was offered £10,000 to go to Barbados for a week with a rich businessman. I turned it down because I was worried about what I was getting involved with.”

Nikki added: “A few weeks after quitting I was chosen for Big Brother. But I had a feeling that Carmen’s Secrets would come back to haunt me.

“It was a deeply regrettable time. I just want to put it behind me but I want people to know the truth.

“People will say, ‘How can you work for an escort site and not know that you’d be expected to have sex.’

“But everyone knows what I’m like from Big Brother. I’m totally scatter-brained and always doing daft things.

“I hope my story is a warning to other young girls who think they can make easy money getting involved in escorting without very serious consequences. Take it from me, you can’t.”

Nikki’s vice confession is likely to shatter any hopes of a romance with Big Brother winner Pete Bennett, 24.

He was already distancing himself from her hours after they got out of the Big Brother house.

And a pal said: “The last thing Pete needs as he tries to build a media career is to be associated with an escort girl.”

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  1. Well I don’t know if it rules, it took my mind away from some problems this summer, so I was grateful. Though I don’t mind having the time now for other ventures,


  2. stop bloody having a go at aisleyne, she deserved to win way more than pete or glyn, she was the best housemate in there

  3. I liked aisleen, I loved pete, and richard
    Glyn was ace until he decided that ”he rele rele missed grace” that was wen he turned in2 an ass!!
    Pete deserved to win he’s changed my life and many other peoples.
    Yes, I have tourettes, pete [bein famous for em] and people likin him and thinkin he’s ‘cool’ mean I dont get bullied for it and dont have to be depressed and yeh, there are many people who hav had there lives changed thanks to pete, and not just touretters either.

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