SOAP or How Snakes On A Plane Rocked The Boat


This article was updated on the 24th of August 2006 @ 8:26 PM.


The number one movie this weekend gets reviewed. This was one of the first examples where the blogosphere actually influenced a movie studio successfully.

After all the hype, the viral marketing campaigns and the efforts of bloggers to keep the title as is, Snakes On A Plane or SOAP coiled itself into theaters this weekend. The movie stars Samuel L Jackson and Juliana Marguiles and is exactly as the title says, snakes on a plane. The meat of the plot is as follows. A deranged mobster from Hawaii who is being indicted for murder tried to kill the only witness who is making his way to LA on a plane with FBI agents. The deranged mobster Kim loads snakes on the plane in an effort to kill him.

Whilst everybody believes that the agents chartered a private plane, the FBI take over 1st class in a commercial plane and take the witness on board. The mob plants a shipping box filled with incredibly venemous snakes that are frenzied to hyper aggressiveness with a pheromone.

The snakes take over the plane and start biting and killing the passengers. The no nonsense FBI agent played by Samuel Jackson is able to fight them back with fire and intelligence.

This is one movie that completely delivers what it promised, snakes on a plane. It’s fun and a lot of people will see it.

The movie takes about 20 to 25 minutes to get to snakes on the plane, which is the fun part. One of the funniest bits is the guy taking a leak and getting bit by a snake on his penis. Hilarious! We got some snakes exploding in microwave, a guy getting a stiletto heel in his ear and more fun. The movie combines monster movies with the horror movie genre. This is shown when the couple trying to join the mile high club gets killed first in the bathroom.


We got less than two hours to mobilize a whole army!

Snake expert to FBI agent


Well that’s good, snakes on crack!

Samuel L Jackson

Didn’t get enough snakes? Check out the blog, aptly titled snakes on a blog!

Largest snakes? Anacondas, they can grow up to 33 feet (9.5m) with a radial diameter of 1 foot (0.3m). They can weigh up to 550 lbs. They were called bull eaters or elephant eaters in local dialects and by the Spaniard during their colonizations.


The movie did not do as well as planned at the boxoffice. It did only 13 million in its first weekend on the screens. Studio execs predicted close to 100 million. The problem that they had was that how do they translate new media into old media money? Translate online popularity in good boxoffice numbers? That is the problem.

Up to date, the movie did around 22 million in a week. The movie took around 33 million to produce.






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