Prison Break: Manhunt S02E01 (Fox)

The new season of Prison Break just kicked off with a bang last night. A lot of surprises and revelations are served up in this first hour of the successful thriller drama.

Prison Break was a very big hit last year, even after it went on a break on Fox for the World Series of Baseball, it came back even stronger early this year. The combination of Prison Break and 24 almost seemed impossible to beat on Mondays on Fox. The series stars Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield and Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows.


The story chronicled the efforts of Michael Scofield, a structural engineer, to free his brother whom he believes is wrongly accused of the President’s brother’s murder. The brother of Scofield, Lincoln Burrows, is scheduled for execution which makes the necessity of an escape even more important in Scofield’s eyes. At the same time, Burrows’ girlfriend, a lawyer played by Robin Tunney, who I was surprised to see in a TV series, is investigating the murder that he was convicted. She turns up evidence that the Vice-President was involved.


The second season starts out with a quick recap of last season’s events and shifts to Scofield and Burrows running through the woods. They make a narrow escape across a train track. The FBI is already suspecting Dr Tancredi of being involved in the escape. The FBI is also checking out Scofield’s tattoos. Paul Adelstein, fresh off from his run on ABC’s Invasion, returns in Prison Break as Special Agent Paul Kellerman. Kellerman is also investigating Scofield’s loft and dissecting and analyzing his tattoo. They start figuring things, all the clues that Scofield has inserted in his full sleeves start to jump out at the investigators.


It turns out that the man that Burrows was convicted of murdering, Terrence Stedman, is alive and well, imprisoned in a mansion by agents of the conspiracy. Now, Veronica is a prisoner as well. But not for long, the “wardens” appear after she tried to call the police and an assassination ensures. Veronica ends up dead after the wardens depart.

All in all, this was a very strong episode. A lot of new information to digest. This episode also introduces the new nemesis incarnated by Special Agent Kellerman, played effectively by Paul Adelstein. The action and sequences are fast paced and nicely cut, the information revealed is tantalizing and suspensefull and the episode ends on a most surprising not, the death of one of the main characters in the drama.

I also enjoy the fact that now the prisoners have become escapees and now we get to follow them trying to outwit the FBI and the police all over the USA. From Scofield’s plan, they will go into Mexico. However, Scofield never planned on having so many people with him, his plan was constructed for him and his brother. Burrows and Scofield are aware that Veronica is dead. The last shot we see of her is the bullet in the head. I wonder who is going to pick up the investigation of the conspiracy, since the other lawyer is dead too.

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17 thoughts on “Prison Break: Manhunt S02E01 (Fox)”

  1. I heard about it. A new action-pack season, I don’t know if I may be able to watch this although I’m stucked at watching Cold Case and “Hospital” Series such as Grey Anatomy, House, etc., on the other hand, still enjoy watching The David Letterman Show.

  2. Yeah, it’s funny because in medical dramas, I watch Saved, House and Silent Witness.

    BTW, we will be seeing you this year, we are planning to move to Taiwan in September. We have accepted job offers there as ESL teachers

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