Justice TV Premiere (Fox)

This post gives a review of the upcoming show Justice produced by Jerry Bruckheimer for Fox. The show will premiere next week on the 30th of August.

Victor Garber heads a team of celebrity trial lawyers and spin doctors who try celebrity cases. The first case is about Kevin O’Neal who is accused of the murder of his adulterous wife.


This show is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and WB and will air on the 30th of August 2006. The series stars Victor Garber as Ron Turk, Kerr Smith as Tom Nicholson, Rebecca Mader as Alden Tuller, Eamonn Walker as Luther Gaines, and Hosea Chanchez as Wallace. Rebecca Mader has the most incredible clear blue eyes. They are iridescent in any light.


This is another legal drama. However, I like how the cases are prepared. The law firm of TNT&G has enough money to have mock juries, shadow juries, extensive prep work and more. It’s also good to see Victor Garber (Alias) in a different and more public role than in his previous ones.


What’s interesting compared to L&A is that the show ends with the truth, so even if a client is acquitted and is guilty, we will know.

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6 thoughts on “Justice TV Premiere (Fox)”

  1. I need to know how it ended! My VCR cut it off just before the verdict, and I also missed the beginning. Will it show again any time soon?

  2. Probably. It ended by showing us that the celebrity defendant was innocent after all. His wife slipped and fell. Tried to get up and slipped again and fell into the pool

  3. I watched the Justice program last night on fox. It was wonderful. I run a motel and it ended with him getting a verdict of not guilty. Then it went back to Kevin at his home in what looks like a recap of what really happened.

    Was he guilty or did some one else do it?

    jan. (:

  4. I love the show justice please tell me why it was taken off the air. The was the best show of the season and I am so disappointed

  5. What happenned to Justice. It’s not listed on Fox anymore as one of their primetime shows. Is it going to return this season or not?

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