Work Out Recap S01E06 (Bravo)

This post gives an update and recap on the docu-drama Work Out on Bravo starring trainer to the stars Jackie Warner.

The docu-drama/reality tv series on Bravo wrapped up its run with its last show on Bravo. Jackie is consulting people for her new clothing line. Her relationship with Mimi is breaking down. The trainers are embarrassed about the state of her personal life. They think about staging an intervention. Mimi is still upset because Jackie went out on dates.


The day of the fashion show, Jackie gets a new haircut from Jonathan Antin. Zen gets a boost after Jackie asked her to be in her mini fashion show to present samples to a select audience. It’s a success. Meanwhile, Jodi Watley has her pre-launch party with all the trainers and people in the industry. She is quite happy with her results. Mimi is there and has another episode when she embarrasses Jackie in front of clients and friends. Jackie is getting really pissed off at her but remains calm.


Alina, the girl who was thinking about getting breast reduction surgery, lost a lot of weight and is no longer considering it. Tess lost 20 lbs and is also happy with her results.


At the after party, Mimi throws another scene. She is drunk and acts like a fool, she throws a glass of water at Jackie. Not the content but the glass itself, Jackie ducks and hides behind Brian’s fiancée. Brian carries Mimi out of the bar and she goes on her way. Jackie also realizes that she has a co-dependent relationship with Mimi. Jackie decides this is the last straw and that the relationship is over between the two.


This docu-drama is serialized like a soap-opera and because of Jackie’s fiery lesbian relationship with her lover of four years Mimi, it makes it fun to watch. Now that the 1st run is over, we have to wonder what will happen in the future.

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4 responses to “Work Out Recap S01E06 (Bravo)”

  1. johnnie burnett Avatar
    johnnie burnett

    Wife and I loved the show! Want to see more.

  2. range Avatar

    I liked it too, I’m wondering what happened next.

  3. brittany Avatar

    what is mimi’s last name

  4. Work out watcher Avatar

    Saraiva is Mimi’s last name. I got it from Google. It took a bit of searching! I still cannot find her artwork though. I want to see more. I hope she matures and makes herself more composed. She needs to do this to get respect.

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