Blade The Series Angels And Demons S01E09 (Spike)

This post recaps this week’s episode of Blade The Series on Spike TV. This episode gives a lot of information on Marcus, progenitor of Krista.

After having killed her own mother that Krista turned in desperation to save her, Krista is in deep depression. She gets captured by Marcus and he lets her know pain, his own pain from the death of his wife Isabel and of Dahmek murder of her.


Blade is informed by Shen’s contact about the nature of Marcus’s plans with the biogenic agent to destroy all purebloods.


We know why Marcus hates Dahmek so much, because of his 1st wife. Charlotte, head of the House of Cathar knows that something is up and that Marcus can no longer be fully trusted. She wants to see Krista.


When Dahmek comes back to see Marcus to extort more concessions from him, a battle ensures in which Dahmek is exterminated. Krista shares his bed in a flurry of understanding about him and Blade witnesses this from afar.

* * * * *

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6 responses to “Blade The Series Angels And Demons S01E09 (Spike)”

  1. cheH Avatar

    Spectacular capture! it looks like something straight out of dream sequence ‘talking to a God or something’ lol

  2. range Avatar

    Yeah Cherry that photo rocks, though I didn’t take it. Speaking of which, I’m moving to Taiwan in September with my wife and my dog. Looking forward to seeing K.

    Viele Grüsse von Quebec!

  3. cheH Avatar

    Taiwan? never been to this place but ‘heard about getting stuff so cheap in there (electronics,I supposed)Goodluck range! Keep us updated though;)

    Warm greetings from the sunny side of DE,too:)

  4. keith Avatar

    hhhmmm as long as im not interested in tv, better talk about the photo. it’s like walking in a story, lost in a forest then you see a nice camping place then someone turns the lights off, 🙂

  5. keith Avatar

    btw do you really wanna move to taiwan? hope some snakes eat you, hihihihi

  6. range Avatar

    Yep, we do want to go to Taiwan, we’ve accepted jobs there and our condo is already sold. Life is a lot cheaper there and we can make the same salaries as here. Taxes are a lot less as well. Plus, I’ve always wanted to live in Asia for a few years to learn Cantonese and a few other languages. In Taiwan, they mostly speak Taiwanese, a romantisized version of Mandarin and write in Mandarin.

    I just hope nobody will poison my dog or eat him, these things happen over there. Really.

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