Sorted Season Finale S01E06 (BBC)

This post recaps and reviews the finale of the 1st season of the British postal drama Sorted on BBC.

Charlie has to live with having ruined his wife’s life. Barmpot has a new girlfriend that he met on the internet. Whilst discussing the theft of his trolley, Barmpot is witness to a quick shop’s armed robbery. I guess Charlie doesn’t remember that he gave his resignation in last week’s show.


The thing is that Barmpot actually recognized one of the robbers, it’s a bloke called Vic McKinnon. Once more, Charlie tries to get Kathy. It just blows up in his face again. What an idiot. The actor plays the perfect slime. Great acting. As always, Charlie tires to destroy whatever he sees. He tells Kathy that Harry is having an affair with Roisin.


Kathy and Harry talk about the lack of a state in their marriage. Now that both partners have strayed into adulterous behavior, all the cards are on the table and Harry tells Kathy that he is going to leave her. Kathy makes a last ditch effort to try to keep the marriage going, but Harry tells her it’s two late, because she had two years with his best mate.


Barmpot tells the police about Vic McKinnon and gets a warning whilst he is in bed with his blind date, who turns out to be hot. Barmie has a camera installed by one of his mates. Charlie is still fired but he doesn’t know it yet. His American supervisor Claire Hill manipulates him and Charlie is still fired. He fails a simple morality test. Barmpot is being stalked. Charlie breaks into his wife’s home and tries to salvage his marriage. There is some progress on that front. Abigail tells him that in order to prove that he came back for the kids and her, she asks him to get back to his postal job and sell the properties that she had bought for him to manage.


Barmpot is being stalked by the robbers and Vic. They are trying to intimidate to remove his testimony before the trial. Barmpot’s weird attitude at his job shows his problems; they are finally known to the mates at the postal office. Roisin shagged her ex-husband and Harry finds out. I can’t believe that Harry is still talking to Charlie. He talks about his relationships and which one to pursue because he has to make a choice. Harry decides to go with Roisin.


This means that Charlie will be back on the floor, delivering the mail on his route. Barmpot is preparing his best man’s speech for the wedding. He stays a few days with Amy and Dex. Barmie gets a final warning from the robbers. It’s a picture of his mom with RIP behind it. Barmie retracts his testimony. Radge and Dex get together and make a plan to sort the McKinnon’s out. Radge mobilizes all of the postal workers and they pass flyers accusing McKinnon. They make him back up. For Barmpot’s sake.


Kathy is pregnant but Harry isn’t sure if it’s his kid. Kathy has had sex with Charlie since after her coma. Dex gets married. This was a great ending to the show and I hope that there will be another series, because this one was very good.

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