Vanished: The Tunnel S1E02 (Fox)

This article gives a recap on yesterday’s Vanished TV show on Fox. This show centers on the disappearance of a senator’s wife and the search for her by the FBI, speaheaded by Agent Kelton.

Senator Collins makes a public appeal and offers a reward of 2 million $ for the safe return of his wife as well as for information leading for her return. The FBI finds out that Max, the Senator’s son, has seen his mother at the Biltmore Hotel.


After having lifted the money and the bloody t-shirt from her boyfriend’s place, Marcy thinks she is being followed. Max wants to see his mom, but she doesn’t want to. Marcy gets ambushed by a strange man in her car and he takes the money. She goes to see the FBI. The blood is not a match for Sara Collins. I’m surprised that Marcy can get out of the FBI so quickly without hitting any problems.


The FBI find out that the transfer point in a tunnel and are sent in to investigate. They find a print in blood that matches Sara Collins. They go into the tunnel, find another handprint as well as the number 9 on a wall as well as some paper on the floor. The location is booby trapped and Kelton is caught in the explosion. He finds a hands free Bluetooth headphone. The tunnel leads to an abandoned part of the city that was built over to build the tunnel.


We see a snippet from 1994 where Sara Collins was using the name Nicky Jones. Collins has a run in with Wallace, who is waiting for his confirmation hearings as a senate post. Collins tells him that he can not support this since Wallace’s wife told him that he had slept with a teenager.


Best way to a man is through the woman that he loves. That’s how they get to you.

McNeal to Kelton before he committed suicide.


McNeal was Amanda’s husband, the victim that got kidnapped and killed before Sara. He tells Kelton that he has no idea what is going on. Right before he commits suicide. Kelton investigates McNeal’s suicide with Collins.


Plausible deniability might work in Washington, but it won’t help you in a criminal investigation.

Agent Kelton to Senator Collins.


Max meets with his mom, played by Penelope Ann Miller. Judy Nash investigates Sara’s disappearance. Manning is freaking out because no one is returning his calls about Sara Collins. Manning relives the time when Nicky Jones: he named his boat after her. Ben Wilson, Marcy’s boyfriend owned the Bluetooth headset that Kelton found in the tunnels.


Wilson is trying to convince Marcy that he is doing nothing bad, but Marcy doesn’t believe him anymore. They make up, but Wilson asks her about the money again. Somebody sabotages Amanda McNeal’s body. The body is mostly liquefied. Mark Valera’s blood matches the one that Marcy found on Wilson’s t-shirt.


Manning meets with Judy Nash, the reporter, to give her evidence that Sara Collins isn’t who she says she is.

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