Windfall Update (NBC)

This post gives a quick update on the NBC show Windfall. The show isn’t doing too well in the ratings and is on the verge of being cancelled.

Like most critics, I think that Windfall is rapidly spinning down in the ratings. I’m just surprised that it’s still on the air. With it’s disappointing ratings, it’s sure to be cancelled soon. Also, the show has devolved into a soap opera. The thing that also bothers me is that when characters break up with eachother, in the next show they find another person very quickly. Like when Cameron finished with Nina, he meets this woman at the bookshop. When things aren’t going as well between Frankie and Damien because of Galena’s pregnancy, Frankie meets another guy in the hotel.

Not that there was much else to look at. The top-ranked new scripted program: the drama “Windfall,” an NBC summer disappointment, at a puny 48th place.

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7 thoughts on “Windfall Update (NBC)”

  1. I love this show and am disappointed that it’s going to be cancelled. Once again, another show that I love is disappearing from the airwaves.

  2. I love this show as well. It is interesting. I would like to see more of the family stuff and how they are coping with the money. Soap Operas are a natural part of the scope of primetime sitcoms. Name one that has not had some sort of cheesy soap opera commonalities? Can any one say Desperate Housewives ?

    I love all of the characters. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

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