Blog Check-In 2006.08.30

Just a quick update on my preparations on our imminent departure for Taiwan. I have done a lot yesterday evening, this is the update on these things.

My Life For Sale


… Or rather all that I have accumulated in my life is for sale. I have just bitten the bullet and put almost all of my furniture and computers up for sale, excluding the one laptop that I am taking with me to Taiwan. I’m taking my Ipod, my archos, my HDs, one LCD screen, my Xbox360 and all of the games, and a few knickknacks.


It’s strange when you think about it. Just leaving the country for a few years makes you reconsider a few things. One thing that I will not be getting rid of is my comic collection, that I have had since 1990. Another thing is my CD and Vinyl collection (almost 1200 CDs and 600 vinyls). I am thinking of getting rid of my DVDs, though I do not think I will get a lot of money for them. I have about 200.


My computers. I have my main computer that needed an upgrade that I’m getting rid off, my HP LaserJet color printer, another computer that I have that I don’t use that much, my old laptop etc. The list goes on and on. I’m even selling my Ridgid cordless drill, which will be of no use before I get back to Canada.


There are also all those little appliances, from my cell phone to my blender and microwave that I have to get rid of before putting things in storage. I have worked out a deal with my parents to store the rest of my belongings in their house until we come back. I’m glad for that.


And there is so much junk lying around, from 6 months worth of Report On Business from the Globe and Mail that I keep for some strange reason, a lot of papers from my old job that I no longer need. It is time to purge and throw a lot of things away. Also, I have a lot of magazines, from Vice to some car magazines. Not as much as my wife, but still considerable. I hope that I end up with about 15 boxes.


I love my desk, it’s a giant Galant desk from Ikea, but in actuality, I’m thinking of selling it. It takes up a big portion of the space in my office, but will I still need it in 5-7 years when we come back? I don’t think so.


Books, CDs, DVDs, vinyls, comics. Those are the things that will remain. The rest of the stuff will be sold. It’s funny, within minutes of posting my ads, I already sold two items. I love craigslist. Did I tell you that we found our jobs through craigslist? Yep, craigslist in Taiwan!


Maybe in 10 years my comic book collection will be worth some money. I have some rare stuff, from Sandman #1-75 and a few other gems, like the first appearance of Venom in Amazing Spider-Man.

* * * * *

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