Kyle XY: Endgame S01E10 (ABC Family)

This post gives a recap on this week’s Kyle XY episode called Endgame on ABC Family. In this, the mystery of Kyle’s parents is revealed.

Kyle is asking for more information from his “new parents”, the Petersons. Kyle has doubts. Since in last episode, the company faked his EEG tests and catscans, it is not above them to fake the genetic test that will say that the Petersons are Kyle’s parents. Kyle and Josh go to Amanda’s confirmation at church.


Kyle is kidnapped once again by Foss to try and stir up his memory. The agent of the company tries to kill him and Foss once again. Foss tells Kyle information about his past. From that moment, Kyle tells everyone that he starts remembering his parents.


Kyle tells Charlie that he knows about his affair with Hill. Things break down during Kyle’s going away party. The Tragers take Kyle imminent departure hard. Kyle actually faked his memories by using the pictures that the Petersons gave him.


The façade breaks down once the Petersons are on the way with Kyle. They were sent by Foss to help him escape and to keep the Tragers safe from the company.

* * * * *

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