Bones: The Titan On The Tracks S02E01 (Fox)

This post gives a recap on this week’s season premiere of Bones, the dramedy on Fox on forensic science, starring Emily Deshanel and David Boreanaz.

Bones is a show based on the character created by Kathy Reichs for her novels and adapted for TV. Reichs is from Montreal. The show was a moderate success last season and was picked up again this season for Fox.


Brennan is back after a vacation with her long lost brother Russ. He is searching for their father, Brennan recently learned that he was still alive somewhere.


Booth and Brennan are on their way to a crime scene. There was a train derailment caused by a car. Brennan meets her new boss, Dr Saroyan hired by Goodman as head of forensic pathology for the Jeffersonian. Boone tells her that she didn’t check in and Goodman hired another doctor for the post. And then took a 2 month sabbatical to avoid telling Brennan why he hired another doctor.


Warren Lynch and Senator Davis are both killed in this accident, the team does not think it is a coincidence. Lynch was dead hours before the train hit the car. Brennan deduces from the ossification of the bones that Lynch was a heroine addict. His wife also tells them that Lynch has been adulterous with dozens of women. She tells them after she confronted Lynch, he hired a crony P.I. to dig up dirt on her. Booth and Brennan interview the P.I.


The P.I. tells Booth that Lynch was being blackmailed for over a million bucks. The P.I. was able to negotiate the settlement down to a quarter million. He made the exchange a few nights ago. It turns out that Lynch was using Mexican heroine; out of that shipment of heroine, 14 addicts OD. They find Lynch, who was thrown out of a car. He has brain damage and will not wake up.


Dr Saroyan lays down the law in the lab and the scientists aren’t happy. The man who was going to be tried for Brennan’s mother’s murder is himself murdered in prison. He was the last link that Brennan had to the whereabouts of her father.


Her father had left a message on her machine telling her not to look for him in last season’s finale. The prisoner tells her that Max Keenan, Brennan’s dad, ordered the hit on the murderer.


Booth questions the P.I. that worked with Lynch. Booth thinks that he and Lynch were trying to commit SEC fraud by disappearing Lynch for a few days with a doppelganger and making millions. But when the senator aboard the train died, the P.I. got cold feet and tossed Lynch out of a moving car.


The federal prosecutor doesn’t think she has enough evidence to go successfully to court. She accuses the team of giving bad evidence. Dr Saroyan defends her team and admonishes the prosecutor. Brennan visits her mom’s grave and discovers that her dad has visited

* * * * *

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