Rescue Me Season 3 finale: Beached S03E13 (FX)

This post gives a recap on this week’s Rescue Me finale. The show airs on FX and has been renewed for another season. It ends with a cliffhanger and serious doubt on how the crew will come together again next season.

Sheila is driving Tommy insane. The probie is hooking up with a couple for some fun and Lou is getting together with his nun. The chief is still in hospital and the crew get a new temporary chief called Pécher, of whom they make incessant fun of.


Janet and Tommy are thinking to get back together because of the baby. The probie thinks that he is no longer bi. Maggie and Sean have sex on the new chief’s desk. Lou has motion sickness.


Franco tanked his Lt exam. Tommy is reluctant to announce his imminent retirement. As usual, he tries to do it sneakily. Franco visits his daughter. He gets a total of 10 minutes with his daughter. He learns that Keela is leaving for France for a boarding school.


Tommy tells Sheila that he isn’t retiring. Sheila tries to drug him again. She uses GHB and Viagra. Sheila is most definitely mentally unstable. I was going to say that she would set Tom on fire, and she actually does start a fire. Caught in her own web of deceit, she escapes and leaves tom to roast in the fire.


Sheila goes back to save them but the episode ends before we see if they both made it out. There is one good thing, the show has been renewed for next season.

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8 responses to “Rescue Me Season 3 finale: Beached S03E13 (FX)”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    I love this show! I own both episodes one and two and will purchase episode three when it comes out on DVD. This last season was definately a roller coaster for me. Just as Tommy’s life seems to be. I was surprised to find out Janet being pregnant again. Just not knowing who the father is kills me. I was very upset when Johnny died and still wondered why that had to happen. I would have to say that Sheila is a little crazy but I love her! As well as Probie and Mike and Franco. Love them all! After seeing the last scene with Sheila and Tommy in that house on fire and never coming out, had me wondering about another season and Iam so glad that season four won’t be too far away. I knew that FX would not leave us viewers on the edge like that……….

  2. aj Avatar

    when does the new season start?

  3. Eric Bréchon Avatar
    Eric Bréchon

    I am waiting Rescue Me season 3, in France. It’s a real genius TV Show, and it was time to see the lifes of the Fire fighters.
    There is too much Cp’s storys on TV . Thanks Mr Leary and Mr Tolan, and all the cast of course….

  4. range Avatar

    Rescue Me is definitely one of the best shows on TV. I am surprised at how many good shows are on FX. Dennis Leary’s fictionalized character tells the story about redemption. I really enjoyed it.

  5. Rod Avatar

    Does anyone know the name of the song that played at the end of the finale ???

  6. mrsf5 Avatar

    Rescue Me is the best show on air in my opinion. Dennis Leary is an awesome actor along with the rest of the characters. I personally can’t wait until season 4 returns. I hope there is more episodes lined up for this next season then there have been in the past.

  7. chase Avatar

    I can’t wait till the new season starts. Denis Leary is such a great actor. I just love his character and the whole story line on the show, it’s different.

  8. matt Avatar

    when does the fourth season return

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