Rescue Me Recaps and Updates S03E01-E12 (FX)

This post gives an update and recaps for Rescue Me, the firefighter drama starring Dennis Leary on FX.

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Windfall Update (NBC)

This post gives a quick update on the NBC show Windfall. The show isn’t doing too well in the ratings and is on the verge of being cancelled.

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Blog Check-In 2006.08.29

Taking a cue for some other bloggers, I have decided to keep daily updates going on The Memoirs. Read on for more!

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Deadwood Season 3 Recaps and Updates S03E01-11 (HBO)


This article was updated on the 19th of September 2006 @ 08:00AM GMT+8 local Taiwan time.


This article recaps the 1st eleven episodes of the third and last season of the gritty western drama Deadwood on HBO. There will be a few TV movies next year, but the series has been cancelled. This is from what I have read. It is also possible that this was planned in advance, to have TV movies for the 4th season. Be it as it may, there is no TV season planned for Deadwood. It’s a shame, because like most HBO series, it is quite riveting.

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Sorted Season Finale S01E06 (BBC)

This post recaps and reviews the finale of the 1st season of the British postal drama Sorted on BBC.

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Hunters of Dune The Ultimate Review


This article was updated, edited and corrected on the 27th of August 2006 @ 8:43 PM

In my haste to post this, I overlooked some major grammatical errors. This was due to the fact that I didn’t really edit this post due to its large size. I have corrected most of the mistakes.


This is my review, recap, secrets and spoilers of Hunters of Dune, the 1st part of the Dune 7 books written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson. The recap is expansive and fully detailed, chronicling the most important parts of the new book, with tie-ins and my own opinions of the whole novel. There are a lot of spoilers, so if you are sitting down right now and preparing to read Hunters of Dune, don’t read it. It’s NSFW for Dune fans until you have read the book. This article is almost 6000 words long, so be prepared for a long read. It is almost a digest of Hunters of Dune, including my own opinions. The 1st part of this article is the review, devoid of any spoilers.

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When The Levees Broke Acts I and II by Spike Lee (HBO)

This post reviews the new documentary by Spike Lee called When The Levees Broke Acts I and II on HBO. This documentary tells the tale of hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

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