Blog Check-In 2006.09.27

It looks like I have a busy few days ahead of me. It’s the end of September, and PTA is coming up on the weekend. Read on for more!
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Blog Check-In 2006.09.26

Looks like WordPress is upgrading left, right and all over the place. For the moment, I am the victim of Murphy’s law that says

What can go wrong, will go wrong.

Find out more in today’s blog check-in.

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Blog Check-In 2006.09.19

It’s Tuesday already here in Taiwan, and I am at work already since about 7 AM. I’m sorry for the lack of updates, but we had a few problems over the weekend. Read on for more!

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Justice S01E02 (Fox)

This post gives a recap on last week’s episode of Justice, a new legal drama on Fox from Jerry Bruckheimer starring Victor Garber from Alias.

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Blade The Series S01E11 (Spike)

I know this is last week’s episode, but I am still cathing up on a few things after my move to Taiwan. The more recent episodes will be reviewed later on this week. This gives a recap on last week’s episode of Blade: The Series on the TV channel Spike.

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Blog Check-In 2006.09.15

This gives an update on my first week of teaching in Taiwan. We arrived here on the 8th of September and are slowly settling in.

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Blog Check-In 2006.09.12

First blog from Taiwan. I am not yet suffering from culture shock. We still don’t have internet or a phone in our appartment, though we will get some in the following weeks. The deposit on our place was a bit higher than we expected, but at least it’s very clean, very efficient, very safe. We can walk from our appartment to our school in about 10 minutes, though I do not think that we will be doing this for long.

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Blog Check-In 2006.09.06

Last blog check in before my flight to Taiwan. Some thoughts on cars and public transportation and more!

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Blog Check-In 2006.09.04

I was away the whole weekend, starting on Friday morning. This is a quick update on our crazy weekend in Ottawa. I got a lot of things done and looking forward to moving away!

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