Blade The Series S01E11 (Spike)

I know this is last week’s episode, but I am still cathing up on a few things after my move to Taiwan. The more recent episodes will be reviewed later on this week. This gives a recap on last week’s episode of Blade: The Series on the TV channel Spike.

Marcus makes his move against Charlotte by blowing up her Learjet. The jet crashes with the detonation of a bomb hidden inside of one of Blade’s discarded swords that Charlotte took as a tribute from Marcus. The cop Collins finally finds Blade. In the wreckage of the plane, Charlotte and her protector survive and drain a few innocent victims.


Marcus thinks that Charlotte is dead and convinces the rest of the houses of this. Blade wants to get the computers from the crash of the Learjet to find out the area of the conclave. We find out that Collins’s family is dead, killed by a serial murderer who got freed on a technicality. Collins took care of him before his 2nd trial.


Charlotte and her protector leave a trail of bodies all over a small town. Blade finally corners her and with the help of Collins disposes of her indefinitely. Collins does not survive. Chase is threatened by Krista’s relationship with Marcus.

* * * * *

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* * * * *

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