Justice S01E02 (Fox)

This post gives a recap on last week’s episode of Justice, a new legal drama on Fox from Jerry Bruckheimer starring Victor Garber from Alias.

A young student kills in supposed self-defence Stein, a maverick Hollywood heavyweight. She goes to TNT&G to get legal advice before turning herself in to the cops. The show uses shrewd defence tactics, sometimes that are doubtfully legal, to dismiss the charges against their clients.


The defence lawyers discover that Anne is a strategic dater, a girl who goes to certain parties to meet rich men, who pay for the privilege. One of the more interesting parts of this show is when Anne gets a trial make-over to make her look less attractive and more likable. The lawyers hit a snag when the mock jury does not believe one word of her testimony; they convict her because of what they have read in the papers. Her parents come and go, TNT&G believes that they will not help her case.


After the prosecution’s press conference, DA Keller puts a gag order on the case. Ron Trott finds an easy way around it to let the jury know that Stein beat other women. After the 1st few days at trial, the truth starts to come out. Anne has had an affair for some time with Stein. They have had sex a few times.


All this happens because of the knife stabbing recreation that the lawyers did in court. Nicholson was able to manipulate the DA in order to give him what information the jury gets. Anne Diggs is found not guilty. The actual murder scene is played out. Stein was about to knock her with a bottle after having hit her a few times. She stabs him in self defence, but grabs all the money before leaving.


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